Why Chasing Colors is Better Than Chasing Numbers - Jeremy Howell Brightwell Aquatics - Marine Depot Chats with Experts #9

Jeremy Howell is the Director of Sales for North America for Brightwell Aquatics (and sister company Continuum Aquatics). He is a long-time friend of Marine Depot who possesses 30+ years of aquarium hobby know-how and industry knowledge.

Join our live conversation with Jeremy as we continue to explore nutrients in reef aquaria, this time with a focus on how they affect the colors you see in your corals. Whether the nutrients in your tank are sky high or so low you can't get a reading with a standard test kit – we  talk about the myriad of ways to get your corals to color up!

We quiz Jeremy about phosphate, nitrate, water testing, dosing, and a whole lot more. Then, hobbyists from around the globe had the opportunity to ask Jeremy everything they've ever wanted to know about coral colors and the Brightwell and Continuum product lines.

This live call was recorded on November 2, 2018. Make sure you'll never miss a Marine Depot Chats with Experts call by signing up for our email newsletter. Our next call is scheduled for November 14 with Dr. Tim Hovanec of Dr. Tim's Aquatics – register here to save your spot!

We had a great time speaking with Jeremy and are curious what you thought. Let us know in the comments below! Until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping. ?

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