About the Owner

My Name is Fadi Abu Tahoun. I am from Jordan and currently live in Riyadh - Saudi Arabia.

Keeping a reef here in this part of world is not an easy task.

I bought most of my equipment from Marine Depot, and shipped them to Saudi Arabia. For livestock I had to travel and drive more than a thousand miles to nearby countries like Bahrain and Dubai to get coral frags and fish until only recently. I have started helping a local fish store to order live stock from Indonesia and the Philippines which has been working out great because I can get my wish list and the store always has a much nicer selection.

I am in love with Acropora corals and Angelfish, and I always wanted to make a reef tank tho hold them all. Naturally, many Angelfish prey upon coral polyps and so keeping them together can be problematic. I just stay way from certain corals that the Angelfish will eat like Acans, Brains and Zoas. I feed substantial amounts with my DIY food mix, sometimes up to 3 times a day. I got the Emperor when it was a small juvenile before it developed a taste for corals and it does not pick on any coral or clams to this day. The only problem is that the Dwarf Angels occasionally nip at Acropora polyps so the daytime polyp extension is minimal; it is not a big deal as coral growth and coloration is still good.  Genicanthus Angelfish are 100% reef safe and don't do any damage.


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