Apex Base Unit The new Apex has a 802.11g/n Wi-Fi with reliability that rivals a wired connection.

Everybody loves an upgrade, especially when it provides features you can really use. That's why we're excited about the added features Neptune Systems wireless Apex controller base unit brings to automated reef keeping.

If you're not familiar with the automated aquarium revolution, here's what all the buzz is about.

Aquarium automation (AA) uses electronic devices to monitor and control key functions in your tank. The main goal behind AA is to make keeping a reef aquarium simpler by continuously monitoring and controlling important parameters. Automation aids in maintaining a consistent reef environment and gives you more time to enjoy your aquarium.

Here are a few of the tasks the Apex system can do:

Neptune Systems has always been at the forefront in developing intelligent aquarium technology that really works. Their flagship Apex controller base unit incorporates the latest monitoring and control features, including wireless technology. The new Apex controller groups all the connections together for easy set-up. It can be mounted to a wall or stand. This permits Apex to be rotated up and toward you, for easy access the connections. Cables stay neat and away from salt creep. The wireless Apex controller is an easy upgrade for existing users or a great way to dive into the world of automated aquariums.

What you need to know about upgrading your Apex system

The latest Apex controller was redesigned from the ground up. It's packed with all the features from previous models and more. Apex Classic and Apex Jr. controllers required a wired Ethernet connection. The latest Apex controller has built-in 802.11 g/n wireless connectivity! Using the Apex Fusion cloud-based command center has never been easier. The Apex Fusion interface runs on your PC, Mac and smart device but is based in the cloud. This means all your settings and aquarium monitoring is safe and secure—no matter what happens to your computer, phone or tablet. You'll have access to your aquarium from anywhere in the world.

Apex Fusion also has connectivity to video cameras so you can see your tank 24-7. Existing Apex Classic users can perform the upgrade by swapping out the old base unit with the new wireless model. Your settings are saved in the cloud and will be accessible using Apex Fusion.

The Apex Classic and Apex Lite can both be upgraded to the new Apex Base Unit. The Apex Jr., however, is not compatible.

Neptune Systems Apex TRIDENT Trident Alk, Cal, & Mag Monitoring Device

Upgrading your Apex will allow you to use Trident

By upgrading to the latest Apex Base Unit you will get to take advantage of all of the new and exciting modules, upgrades and equipment that Neptune Systems is developing. The latest and most notable being the Neptune Systems Trident which is an automatic was testing device that can monitor the big three parameters in your reef tank, calcium, alkalinity and magnesium. These Trident readings can then be leveraged to oversee your dosing regimen and ultimately help you keep a more stable and healthier reef tank without the hassle of daily testing and dosing adjustments.

Apex is easy to set up

New set up wizards and to-do reminders help guide you through configuring everything from temperature control, trouble alerts to your mobile device, and many other common aquarium tasks. With this new Apex controller, you're up and running in 5 easy steps!

  1. Mount it to the wall or inside your cabinet
  2. Connect it to your home network via Wi-Fi or network cable
  3. Connect your new Apex to your existing Apex Fusion account
  4. Connect modules and accessories one at a time
  5. Migrate your Apex settings

Don't forget the 8-outlet Energy Bar. The new Energy Bar 832 combines eight 120V AC outlets, expansion ports, three 1Link ports for WAV pump and DOS control and two 24V DC accessory ports. The Energy Bar 832 monitors the power draw on the outlets and provides status LEDs in case an outlet is drawing too much power. You'll also be able to add expansion modules to upgrade features like automatic dosing of calcium and trace elements, liquid and dry foods and automatic water changes!

An upgrade that makes sense

The new wireless Apex controller base provides rock-solid wireless connectivity. No more Ethernet cables needed! You can set up your automated aquarium anywhere there's an internet connection. The redesigned base unit also makes it easy to add Apex modules now and in the future. The new controller layout and Energy Bar 832 represent the latest advancements in Apex technology.

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or want to build your first automated aquarium, be sure to check out the Apex line of automation systems. They’re dependable, easy to use and provide real benefits for your reef aquarium.