Welcome to another episode of Marine Depot Featured Tanks where we document and present you with a complete overview of some of the coolest and most successful reef tanks we can find.

In this episode, I was given the pleasure of meeting Garry who maintains a gorgeous reef tank that is packed to the brim with a huge variety of SPS corals.  Garry started out keeping freshwater tanks more than 20 years ago.  After a long break from the hobby Garry returned with this custom built 280-gallon reef which happens to be his first and only reef tank.

This took me as quite a surprise considering the great success Garry has achieved. He attributed much of his success to his loyal friends in the hobby and favorite local fish stores who have helped him along the way.

The custom-built glass tank measures 72” long byz 30” tall and is 30” wide and has been up and running for just over 5 years.  He was not hesitant to admit that the first 3 years maintaining the tank was quite a struggle. To put it in his words “Absolute Failure” but I have to admire his tenacity because the aquarium Garry has today is next to perfect.

Overcoming fish disease, a leak in his tank and the wonderful world of water chemistry were a few of the challenges Garry has faced in the past five years.  Within the last 24 months, however, Garry has managed to grow all of large SPS colonies you see here.

Only a few fish, the beautiful carpet anemone and this large chalice have endured the ups and downs since the very beginning back in 2012.

Obviously, Garry has a passion for collecting SPS corals which was the most impressive aspect of the aquarium.  I counted over 50 species of SPS corals inside his tank and all of them appeared to be growing and thriving.

This collection of stony corals really creates a jaw dropping myriad of colors and shapes inside the tank.

For filtration, Garry likes to keep it simple which quite a rarity for a tank with such an awesome variety of sensitive SPS.   He has a large sump that houses a single Media Reactor with ChemiPure, a couple of protein skimmers and a refugium. No calcium reactor, No Filter Socks, No nitrate filter or any other sort of complicated piece of equipment is being used on the aquarium.

Garry utilizes a Bubble Magus dosing pump to deliver Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium to the aquarium daily.  He diligently performs a bi-monthly 50-gallon water change using Red Sea Coral Pro salt mix.

Being a plumber by trade Garry used his skills to install a couple long runs of PVC pipe under his house that drains water from his display tank for water changes and carries freshly mixed saltwater into the aquarium from a separate room.  With the turn of a few valves, he can drain his display tank and deliver freshly mixed saltwater into the aquarium within just a few minutes.

He also took full advantage of his plumbing skills to create a 4-way closed looped system.  Powered by a single Reeflo Dart water pump through an OceansMotions Water Diverter he achieves ample water movement throughout the packed reef tank.

He also utilizes 2 EcoTech Marine MP60 water pumps inside the display tank.  While these two VorTech pumps are running at about 35% total power most of the time, he cleverly uses them to stir up detritus and keep his rockwork clean by ramping up the flow rates to 100% every 4 hours throughout the day.

The tank is beautifully lit by none other than 6 EcoTech Marine Radion LED Lights.  The lights are housed inside a tall wooden canopy that has a couple of fans used for ventilation.

The simplicity of this filtration system and the amazing collection of SPS corals are what truly caught my attention when seeing this aquarium.  I sure hope all of you had as much fun seeing this tank as I did and be sure to follow this link to visit the Marine Depot blog where we included all of the details about his tank including a full list of livestock and equipment.

We are constantly searching for new tanks to feature here on our channel and ff any of you are interested in having your tank featured by Marine Depot, shoot us an email with a few pictures or short video of your tank to social@marinedepot.com.