The Chill Solutions CSXC-1 chiller uses solid-state thermoelectric ceramic plate technology to extract heat from the aquarium water and chill the tank.

This powerful but tiny chiller is perfect for aquariums up to a maximum of 30 gallons. It accepts ½” vinyl tubing to get water in and out of the chiller and will require a small water pump that can provide the chiller with anywhere from 40 – 250 GPH of flow.  The Chill Solutions installation kit that is available separately includes the pump, tubing and a couple of U-tubes for a clean installation.  You can also install the chiller in-line with your existing canister filter, sump or closed loop system.

Chill Solutions Aquarium Cooler

The newly redesigned touch button LED display screen allows you to quickly and easily set the desired water temperature with an accuracy down to one tenth of a degree.

With a tiny footprint, silent operation and only one moving part the Chill Solutions aquarium chiller is perfect solution for temperature control in small aquariums.