The Aquaticlife Reno LED clamp light is designed for rimless Nano freshwater aquariums and marine refugiums. The cool-running nine-inch long light fixture contains twelve 0.5 watt white LEDs. The white LEDs will produce natural colors and an attractive shimmer effect in freshwater aquariums. Your fish and plants will look like they’re in an Amazonian river or tropical stream. The daylight LEDs produce the proper spectrum and light output for growing freshwater aquatic plants or marine algae in a refugium.

The Reno fixture is suspended over the tank by a flexible gooseneck, making light placement easy. The light can be swung out of the way when performing maintenance. The mounting clamp fits most rimless aquariums up to a thickness of 8mm (0.315 “). The AquaticLife Reno has a low-voltage power supply with a convenient 6-foot cord. An on/off rocker switch controls the light but you can use your own timer for setting up day and night cycles.

If you are looking to light up your refugium or freshwater planted tank, the AquaticLife Reno LED is a reliable, economical and stylish option.