Neptune Systems WXM Neptune Systems WXM

The Neptune Systems Apex is the most widely used and robust aquarium controllers for aquariums.  Many hobbyists and stores rely on their Apex to monitor and control their aquarium systems.

With the use of the WXM module you can wirelessly connect and control your EcoTech Marine Vortech Pumps and Radion LED lights to further integrate your aquarium equipment.  This means that you can harness the already very advanced control features of EcoTech products with your Neptune Systems Apex controller and access it all from the online Apex Fusion Dashboard anywhere in the world.

The WXM is a plug n play module that easily connects to your existing Apex.  Once paired with your EcoTech Marine devices, you open up the door to some really advanced control and synchronization options.

The module can support up to 11 Radion or VorTech pumps to accommodate large systems and multiple set-ups.  The Apex Fusion interface is really easy to use and here you can program schedules, switch between different Vortech operational modes throughout the day and adjust intensity and color of your Radions and synchronize the Radions and Vortechs with anything else connected to your Apex.

This kind of advanced yet easy-to-use technology is what hobbyists thrive for. If you are looking to create the ultimate reef tank, the WXM should be at the top of your aquarium shopping list.