Using a fluidized media reactor is the best way to employee filter media in your aquarium. In a bag, there is often a lot of bypass as water simply travels around the outside of the bag.

  In a reactor, water is actively pushed through all the media at the optimum flow rates: making it much for efficient and effective. AquaMaxx makes a full line of Fluidized Media reactors which are available in four sizes; The Extra Small, Standard, Extra Large and Double XL giving you an option for just about any tank size.

Just like all of the AquaMaxx products, these media reactors are quality built.  They are made from polished high-quality cell cast acrylic and suitable for use with a wide variety of filter media from activated carbon and granular ferrous oxide to resin and nitrate-reducing medias.


An optional hang-on adaptor is sold separately to accommodate different installations. You will need to feed the reactors with a small powerhead or separate water feed to push your aquarium water through the filter media.

The rate of flow through the reactor depends on the type of media you plan to use so be sure to check the recommendations for the desired filter media first.  These reactors easily connect to standard vinyl tubing and the simple thumb screws on the reactor lid make maintenance a breeze.
If you are looking for a long-lasting and effective way to help eliminate organic pollutants, odors, discolorations and algae fuels from your aquarium, look no further than the full line of AquaMaxx Fluidized Media Reactors.


-Take Care and Happy ReefKeeping!