We started out with a fish only system, then converted the tank to a reef system.  In this video we are going to turn this tank into the Ultimate Tech Tank by installing a Neptune Systems Apex Wi-Fi controller along with a handful of Apex accessories.

Adding a controller to your tank is hands down the best investment you can make to your reef.  Controllers provide you with the ability to automate many of the laborious tasks involved with keeping a successful reef tank.  They also help to maintain more-stable water parameters and provide a variety of fail safe and monitoring options to protect your precious reef tank.

Starting with the heart of the control system. The New Apex now includes a MUCH-desired feature: Wi-Fi!!! You can now access and update your Apex though Wi-Fi and your home network. Gone are the days of needing to connect a long network cable from the Apex to the router for updates, or doing a work-around with wireless bridges that really are not all that reliable.

Another significant upgrade is the new Energy Bar 832. It now features individual power monitoring so you can monitor the performance of each device plugged into the energy bar: such as a light not turning on, a pump getting jammed and much, much more.

For advanced users, these readings can then be used to change the behavior of other devices: say your return pump gets jammed up and slows down, you can then automatically turn up the flow rate of the wavemaking pumps inside the aquarium. Or, if your protein skimmer pump gets dirty and the impeller is not spinning as fast, the Apex can send you an email or text message to alert you that it is time to clean the skimmer pump.

Mounting your Apex is an important thing to consider so be sure to think about this during your install.  Be sure the Apex display is mounted in an easy to access location and your energy bar should be within reaching distance of all the power cords you need to connect.

Drip loops are absolutely crucial for safety.  We have seen some pretty elaborate installations and don’t be afraid to get creative.  Creating a mounting board and coming up with a system to keep the cords organized really goes a long way in terms of building a contemporary and clean looking reef tank.

We plugged in all of the filtration equipment to our Apex Energy Bar including the skimmer, media reactors, heater and return pump.  Each socket can then be programmed specifically for the device.  For example, the APEX will not allow power to the heater socket if the tank gets too hot and this is on the tip of the iceberg in terms of the control you can program into the Apex.

For internal flow, we are using two of the Neptune systems WAV pumps. These pumps are really powerful, pumping up to 4,000 GPH each and are completely controllable. They connect to the APEX using the 1link ports located right on the Energy Bar 832 and therefore will not take up any of the power sockets: which is a huge benefit especially in situations where multiple powerheads are required to keep water moving.  They are also quiet and very energy efficient; consuming only 35W at full power.

For dosing the tank, we have the DOS+DDR combo pack which will be filled with AquaMaxx Synergy Plus two-part solution to keep parameters on point.  This DOS dosing pump utilize heavy-duty stepped motors and include many features that ultimately result in precise dosing and long term operation.

The dual dos reservoir or DDR is awesome not only for its great looks abut because it includes a pair of optical sensors that allows your apex to monitor the liquid levels inside the reservoir and alert you when you are running low.

The Neptune Systems Break-Out-Box is used going to be used for auto top off.  It easily connects to a standard float switch which is securely mounted into the return pump reservoir.  Next, the NEW PMUP all-purpose utility pump will be dropped into our Trigger Systems Emerald ATO reservoir to deliver freshwater into the tank and will work in conjunction with the float switch to automatically top off the tank as needed.

The ALD or advanced Leak detection module allows you to connect water sensors that will alert you of a flood and automatically control whatever equipment caused the problem: such as turning of your return pump and skimmer pump when water is detected on the floor of your stand.

Now onto the monitoring probes.  We have the double junction pH and ORP probes along with the temperature probe; all of which are really easy to set-up and calibrate using the Neptune Calibration wizard and will install nicely into the sump using the Neptune System Magnetic Probe Rack. The new double-junction probes are especially nice as it improves accuracy and durability by placing an extra barrier between the electrolytes in the probe and your aquarium water.

We are also adding the Par Monitoring Kit to really see, and monitor, the light intensity levels inside the aquarium. The PMK is helpful because you can monitor the PAR levels inside your tank helping to ensure you are providing the correct light for your corals.

Our final addition is the Neptune Automatic Feeding station.  By pushing a single button on your Apex Fusion Dashboard, you can throw your tank into feed mode, reducing water flow and automatically feed your fish.

Now let’s look at the APEX Fusion Dashboard which is the very user friendly and feature rich webAp that allows you to access your Apex system and gain complete control over your aquarium.
An android tablet, smartphone or computer can be used to access the Apex Fusion Dashboard.  We have an Amazon fire tablet which is an inexpensive device that allows you to easily access the Apex Fusion and eliminates the need for the classic hard-wired APEX graphical display.  From here you can program your Apex, monitor your equipment and water parameters, store and reference all sorts of graphical data, and much more.  Check out this video which is displaying real-time footage of the tank with the use of a Wi-Fi camera.  We could really spend days going through all of the features and capability this powerful control system has to offer.

- Take Care and Hppy Reefkeeping.