We are really excited to introduce the new AquaMaxx NemoLight!

We have been working closely with AquaMaxx to produce what we feel is the best LED strip light available.
These gorgeous AquaMaxx NemoLight LED fixtures are significantly more powerful than other LED strip lights. They offer full spectrum lighting featuring 6 different colors of LEDs including: white, cool white, blue, deep blue, red and green. They also have a built in controller to program light cycles and intensity.
The best part is that despite having all these great features and more power, they are still extremely well-priced!
The NemoLight is offered in 4 different sizes. 
  • The 18W Nano is offered in 2 versions: a marine ("AquaMarine") version for nano reef aquariums and a freshwater ("AquaFresh) version for refugiums, planted and freshwater tanks.
  • The next size up is a 36W model that can be used for 24” to 30” aquariums
  • A 54W model for 36” to 44” aquariums
  • ... and a 72W model for 48” – 55” aquariums.

Each fixture has a bracket with sliding rails that allows you to easily adjust the width of the fixture.

When comparing the wattages to other LED strip lights available and you will find these NemoLights to be about twice as powerful: which helps to brighten your aquarium and something your corals will definitely appreciate!
With the on board 2-channel controller, you are able to dial in the intensity and duration of sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight. There is even a button for thunderstorms!
The sleek AquaMaxx NemoLight, coming in at just ½” thick, is one of the most attractive lights we have come across. Along with its great looks, its power, performance and price makes it one of the best options for just about any level of hobbyist.
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Until next time, take care and happy reefkeeping.