I am from Pakistan natively and was raised in Saudi Arabia where I work and live with my family. I am an IT Professional and a Hotel Manager for IHG Hotels. I have been a freshwater aquarist since 1995. I started getting into saltwater aquariums 6 years ago because the marine fish and corals fascinate me.

Unfortunately, we don't have many local fish stores here in Saudi Arabia to buy equipment and supplements for advanced reefers to run a successful reef tank. More than 90% of my tank is built by ordering online from stores in the United States, primarily MarineDepot.com. Most of the corals are wild collected from the Red Sea by my friend, I have travelled to neighboring countries like United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait to buy corals… even driving thousands of miles!

It's not an easy hobby in this part of the world, but it has become a part of life now. I have still managed to attend 3 MACNA events so far and am looking forward for the next MACNA conference in Washington, D.C.