We are back with another amazing Marine Depot Featured Tank Profile. This 40 gallon breeder is quite unique in that it houses a myriad of corals along alongside some deadly predator fish that most of us are not used to seeing in such a beautiful and thriving reef tank.

The tank is proudly owned by Felicia from Berkely, CA who has kept aquariums her entire life.

Dive deeper into Felicia's aquarium and learn more about her equipment, livestock and husbandry practices by clicking here.

Starting with freshwater tanks, Felicia eventually stepped in the reef aquarium world because she is an avid scuba diver and finds inspiration in the natural beauty that can be found in wild reefs.

The tank houses 3 small lionfish species; a Fu Manchu, a Dwarf Zebra and an Antennata Lionfish. She also has a juvenile snowflake eel and this is what really makes her aquarium unique; having these gorgeous predator fish alongside a thriving captive reef is truly impressive.

The way these predator fish naturally behave and swim around the corals really adds some extra character to the tank.

Of course, these aggressive predator fish do limit the size and type of other fish she can house in the tank but, as you can see, her corals and various invertebrates do not seem to mind a bit.

Something I found fascinating with her tank is the way she aquascaped her collection of Gorgonians and soft corals.

For lighting and flow, she uses the Maxspect Razor LED light along with a couple of EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10 pumps.

Her tank is filtered by a 20 gallon DIY sump. The sump houses a Reef Octopus Protein Skimmer along with a Two Little Fishies Phosban Reactor that contains NPX Bioplastics. She also has a refugium with Chaetomorpha that is lit by a Maxspect Razor Nano LED light. All of which help to keep the nitrate levels under control which can be quite a problem for aquariums housing predator fish.

Nitrates are always present in her tank which has led to some hair algae growth but Felicia says her cleaner crew does a pretty good job keeping it under control. The diverse cleaner crew includes a couple of fighting Conchs, a serpent Starfish, a Tuxedo Urchin, a Red Mithrax Crab as well as some hermit crabs and snails.

She performs a weekly 25% water change using Instant Ocean Reef Crystals along with daily automated dosing of ESV B-ionic Two-Part Solution and Magnesium to maintain the water parameters.

Felicia’s 40 gallon predator tank you see in the video has also be chosen as Tank of the Month on the very popular Nano-Reef forum and based on what we have seen the tank is well deserving of this honor.

Be sure to check out her full tank profile by visiting the Featured Tank section of our website. You can see a full list of animals and get a detailed outline of all the equipment in order to see just how Felicia maintains this beautiful tank.

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