Innovative Marine has been offering some of the hobby's most desirable aquariums. The NUVO Fusion Nano 20 is one of our best-selling All-In-One style aquariums. Today we are going to deck out the Fusion 20 with some awesome gear and show you some great products to ramp up the performance of your Innovative Marine Nuvo Fusion Nano 20 gallon Aquarium.
The sleek Fusion 20 Nano features low-iron glass that makes your fish and corals as vibrant as possible. The dual built-in overflows with the new filters socks take care of mechanical filtration and help to catch all the floating debris. Dropping in a bag of Chemi-Pure Blue in one of the filter socks will take care of the chemical filtration and keep the tank crystal clear. Say goodbye to cumbersome media baskets and hello to quick and easy maintenance. For extra chemical filtration, we are adding a Phosban 150 media reactor which will hang-off the back of the tank.

The 100 watt Eheim Jager heater will be placed into the second chamber on one side.
On the other side, an Innovative Marine Ghost Desktop protein skimmer will be placed into the second chamber. The fit is great because it was made to fit perfectly into the second chamber of this tank.

We are upgrading the stock pump to two Sicce Micra Plus pumps. One pump will power the Phosban 150 reactor and return back through the stock return nozzle.  The second pump will be plumbed directly to the return. These reliable little pumps will increase the overall flow rate and make for quiet operation.

The Innovative Marine HydroFill Ti is a great auto top off (ATO).  The titanium conductivity sensors prevent rusting and eliminate the risks associated with float sensors. The matching HydroFill Ti ATO pump is self-priming, features run-dry protection, and lifts water up to 5 feet. Since the pump can pull water vertically (unlike most pumps), we can hang it off the back of the tank with the included bracket.

Any one of the various ATO reservoirs will work. The Eshopps reservoir we stock works great; the slim profile makes it easy to discreetly tuck away in your tank stand.
To keep the aquarium looking sleek, we are using the CaribSea Arag-alive Indo-Pacific black sand. This sand contains black particles for a unique look in your aquarium and also contains broad spectrum of marine bacteria to create a natural biological balance.

The tank is aquascaped with the CaribSea Life rock. We used the shelf rock here, but Caribsea offers three different types, the original, shelf, and branch.

For internal circulation, the Tunze NanoStream 6040 was an easy winner. This pump has an innovative flow deflector that allows you to easily hide the pump behind the rock work and direct waterflow where you want it. It even comes with a controller to handle all of your wavemaking needs and dial in the flow.

Last but not least is the lighting. We are very excited to introduce the new AquaMaxx NemoLight LED fixture. This new sleek fixture packs in a ton of power and is about twice as powerful as most other LED strip lights. Yet, it is extremely affordable and has a very thin profile.

The 24" fixture we are using is rated at 36 Watts; which is plenty for LPS, softies, zoas and even some lower-light SPS corals over an aquarium of this depth. There is an onboard controller that allows you to adjust the blue and white channel intensities and program a light cycle with automated sunset and sunrise effects.

If you are thinking about starting a new nano aquarium or need to update the equipment on your current aquarium, Marine Depot is here to help! We welcome you to contact one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members who will be happy to support you. Your success is our success!