AquaMaxx FR-SE GFO Carbon and Biopellet Hang-On Filter Media Reactor

Unlike other media reactors in this class that are made of plastic, the AquaMaxx FR-SE is made of durable, high quality cast-acrylic.

The FR-SE Reactor is great for use with CarbonGFO and even Biopellets. It is compact enough to be used on nano reef aquariums, but its large reaction chamber makes it a great option for larger aquariums as well.

The up-flow design helps to keep media in suspension and maximizes contact time with your filter media of choice.

The unique hang-on bracket secures the reactor to the edge of your aquarium or sump and has two holes that keep the tubing neatly in place.

If you have been looking for a high-quality and efficient media reactor for a reasonable price, the FR-SE may be just what you have been looking for!

AquaMaxx FR-S Internal GFO Carbon and Biopellet Filter Media Reactor with Sicce Pump

The new, easy-to use, FR-S Media Reactor from AquaMaxx is an internal media reactor that can be used in the back chambers of many All-In-One style aquariums or it can be directly attached to your tank or sump wall with the convenient magnet mount.

This effective up-flow reactor can be use with Carbon, GFO and even Biopellets. Better yet, it includes a pump!

The Italian Sicce pump is adjustable so you can correctly match the flow rate to suit the type and quantity of filter media you choose.

Another great feature is the simple twist off lid which makes changing and rinsing your media easy and mess-free.

Whether you are are looking to lower nitrates, reduce phosphates or polish your water, the compact AquaMaxx FR-S reactor will get the job done.