I like it! 

Now, some of you may skip ahead, scroll through the photos and order the skimmer online. For the rest, let me explain why.

Reef Octopus Classic Space Saver Protein Skimmers were recently revealed at MACNA and I finally had a chance to take an up-close look at one. Out of the box, the quality of construction and materials are quite impressive—which I have come to expect from Reef Octopus and CoralVue. High quality acrylic and beautifully machined parts are rarely found on a skimmer in this price range. There are two models available: the NWB-SSS-110 for aquariums up to 130 gallons and the larger NWB-SS150 for aquariums up to 210 gallons.
Assembling the skimmer was a breeze and took less than 10 minutes. Removing the collection cup is just about as easy as it gets as you simply lift up on the collection cup: there are no finicky thumb-screws or fragile locking wings here. You will also notice the beautifully-machined cone neck that will allow the air bubbles to smoothly transition into the collection cup.
Speaking of air bubbles, what is generating a ton of them is CoralVue’s Aquatrance pump. The pin-wheel impeller should do a very nice job chopping up the air-bubbles and sending them through the bubble plate into the reaction chamber. With a fully cylindrical body, the size of the reaction chamber is maximized to allow as much contact time as possible. This classic cylindrical design also helps to keep the skimmer height at a minimum: 19” for the NWB-SSS-110 and 20.8” for the NWB-SSS-150.
Additional features include rubber feet on both the pump and the skimmer to minimize vibration noises as well as a nifty outlet pipe that doubles as an air intake silencer. Their compact footprints will also make installation much easier.
At a price of $224.99 for the NWB-SSS-110 and $259.99 for the NWB-SSS-150, these Classic Space Saver skimmers offer amazing values. Not only are you getting a ton of performance and features, you are also getting a high-quality skimmer backed by a trusted manufacturer.

For those setting up a new marine aquarium or are looking to upgrade your current skimmer, these new Reef Octpus skimmers should definitely be on your shopping list!