Thanks for tuning in and in this video we are going to look at the AquaMaxx EcoMaxx Protein Skimmers. The EcoMaxx skimmers have been on the market for just over a year now and have proven to be one of the best skimmers for a few different reasons. Today we are going to take a closer look and show you exactly why these skimmers are a notch above the rest.

First, you have the quality construction and components. These skimmers are computer engineered with cell-cast acrylic. The included Sicce brand needle-wheel pumps are among the most efficient and quiet running skimmer pumps available today.

Next, you have the user friendly design and extreme versatility. Being that the pump is located inside the skimmer body this cuts down on the space required to install the skimmers. The unique detachable bottom plate, allows you to easily remove the pump, bubble plate, and venturi for easy cleaning. The included air silencer and rubber feet eliminate noise making the skimmer virtually silent. The four different models available will accommodate most any aquarium with a sump from 75-600 gallons.

Finally, you get top quality performance. The included Sicce needle-wheel pumps create optimum size bubbles for vigorous waste removal. The included bubble plate helps to create maximum contact time in the skimmer and the and the cone shaped neck allows the foam to easily move into the collection cup without resistance.