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Fishlessly cycle your aquarium in 5 days!


In the past, it was common practice when starting a new tank to simply add a few "starter fish", such as damsels, which were considered hardy enough to survive the initial break-in period of an aquarium while natural bacterial populations colonized the tank and began to break down wastes. During this time, ammonia and nitrite could often reach toxic levels and this resulted in unecessary fish stress and even death. Even alternative methods such as adding food to an empty aquarium to rot are not as effective as it is difficult to control the rate of ammonia production and ensure a steady supply of fuel for the bacteria. Thankfully, we now have effective and ethical alternatives with concentrated bacterial additives and inorganic nitrogen sources. This method is safe and actually much more effective since it is easier to measure and maintain ideal conditions for bacterial colonization. 


The Aquarium Cycle Kit contains the most essential components to establish a new biofilter. Get your nitrogen cycle off to a rapid start by using only the best live nitrifying bacteria and the perfect fuel to help the microbes thrive! Using this combo pack, which includes TurboStart 900 and NitroCycle, you can cycle a completely sterile system in as little as five days.


Available in Four Sizes:

  • 1oz Kit - Treats up to 25 Gallons
  • 4oz Kit - Treats up to 100 Gallons
  • 16oz Kit - Treats up to 400 Gallons
  • 32oz Kit - Treats up to 800 Gallons


Fritz-Zyme Turbo Start 900 - The Original Live Nitrifying Bacteria

TurboStart 900 contains proven strains of effective, live nitrifying bacteria in a highly concentrated form. TurboStart 900 reduces fish loss due to toxic levels of ammonia and nitrite. Establishing colonies of nitrifying bacteria without TurboStart can take weeks; but TurboStart completely cycles aquariums in five days or less, allowing for safe, immediate addition of livestock. 

  • Rapidly Eliminates Toxic Ammonia and Nitrite
  • Allows Safe Rapid Introduction of Livestock
  • Prevents “New Tank Syndrome”
  • Establishes and Maintains a Healthy Biofilter
  • Prevents Fish Loss – FritzZyme Saves Lives!
  • A Safe, Natural Approach to Water Treatment


AlgaeBarn NitroCycle

Nitrocycle is an inorganic source of nitrogen that promotes the establishment of the biological filtration in your aquarium. By feeding the bacteria with NitroCycle during the initial cycling in your tank, you can avoid the mess and smell of putting food in an empty tank, or worse yet, risking the lives of fish in an uncycled aquarium.



  • Chlorine and Chloramines are lethal to TurboStart bacteria and must be completely removed before addition. Use any reputable de-chlorinator, or better yet, start with RODI water.
  • Turn off UV sterilizers and Protein Skimmers before use, and for 5 days after introduction of TurboStart 900.
  • Use 1mL of nitrocycle per gallon of tank water to achieve an ammonia level of 3ppm.
  • Shake bottle of TurboStart, add 1 oz. (29 ml) per 25 gallons of water.
  • Test water parameters daily and monitor progress of ammonia and nitrite reduction.
  • Once zero ammonia and nitrite are detected, and nitrate begins to accumulate in the aquarium, the biological filtration is established and your aquarium is cycled.


What's Included?

  • Fritz-Zyme TurboStart 900
  • AlgaeBarn NitroCycle
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