Kessil LED Lighting
  1. A500X Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue
    A500X Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue

  2. AP9X LED Lighting Panel
    AP9X LED Lighting Panel


How many Kessil A360X do I need over my tank?

LPS and Soft Coral: A single A360X will cover a 24" x 24" area and provide PAR that is suitable for LPS and soft coral (75 -150 PAR).

SPS Coral: You will want to use two A360X fixtures for every 24" x 24" area to provide PAR that is suitable for SPS corals (200 - 350 PAR).

How high should I mount the Kessil A360X over my tank?

The ideal mounting height is 8" from the water's surface. This will give you the best spread without a considerable light spill.

When using the Kessil Narrow Angle Reflector the optimal mounting height is 13" from the water's surface. This is designed to concentrate the output over a smaller area, specifically for lighting SPS corals. 

Can the Kessil A360X grow SPS corals?

Yes, the Kessil A360X is capable of growing SPS corals when properly mounted and spaced over your tank. While a single A360X won't cut it over a 24" x 24" area for SPS as we stated above, you can easily use two fixtures or create a hybrid using a single A360X alongside some T5 lamps or LED strips

How do I program the lights using the Kessil WiFi dongle?

  1. Assemble and mount the Kessil A360X lights over your tank.
  2. Attach the WiFi dongle and download the Kessil WiFi app
  3. Create an account
  4. Follow the appropriate setup instruction for connecting your lights
  5. Create a group, set up the spectrum, and schedule your photoperiod as desired

Are Kessil lights worth it?

While this is certainly subjective, we do think the Kessil LED lights bring some unique features to the table and will provide your reef with plenty of light for happy healthy corals.

  • Provides the best shimmer over any other LED on the market
  • Proven spectrum for growing beautiful corals
  • Kessil Logic allows you to adjust the level of blue without falling outside a suitable spectrum
  • Manual, wired, and WiFi control are all possible based on your preferences, it even can be controlled using an Apex.
  • Easy to build a hybrid with T5 or LED strips