Dropkick those pesky phosphates effectively with the Tropic Marin Elimi-Phos Rapid!
  1. 500 mL Elimi-Phos Rapid
    Tropic Marin
    500 mL Elimi-Phos Rapid
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  2. Pro Nitrite and Nitrate Test Kit
    Tropic Marin
    Pro Nitrite and Nitrate Test Kit
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Do you need a quick solution but don't want to deal with those hunky reactors or carbon dosing to remove those nuisance algae contributors? Try the Elimi-Phos Rapid Lanthanum-based treatment that reduces phosphates quickly, efficiently, and safely in a reef tank.

Tropic Marin has clear instructions on how to precisely dose Elimi-Phos Rapid so that it's easier to eliminate phosphates, get rid of that annoying algae, ensure coral growth and color are evident so that you can spend more time gazing at the small ocean in front of you, your reef tank.

Please note that you DO NOT want to reduce phosphates by more than 0.1 mg/l per day.

Tropic Marin Phosphate Control - Elimi-Phos