High output LED striplights like the LumenBar V2 from Reef Breeders make for a great supplement light to use alongside your existing LED pendant or T5HO light fixture. They help you achieve a more even coverage, will reduce shadows, boost color pop (fluorescence) among your corals, and can easily integrate into your existing setup.   

What's New With V2?

The ALL-NEW LumeBar V2 features a slimline extruded aluminum housing, wider individual diode optics, and a dimmable inline controller with sunrise and sunset effects. Let's also not forget that every LED bar is packaged using 100% recyclable or biodegradable materials with no single-use plastics which is true for all Reef Breeders products.


You can choose from multiple spectrums to achieve the perfect balance of color and brilliance over your tank. Mix and match to customize and suit your particular needs.

High Octane UV - Mimics true actinic T5 bulb

430nm Violet
385nm True UV
405nm Violet

Royal Ice - Boost color pop

450nm Royal Blue
480nm Cool Blue

Blue/UV Hybrid - Improves color pop and brightness

450nm Royal Blue
430nm Violet
480nm Cool Blue
385nm True UV


The LumenBar V2s are lightweight with a slim profile and come with articulating mounting brackets for easy integration into your existing fixture. Right out of the box they play nice with the ATI Sunpower T5 fixtures and Reef Breeder Photon V2+ but you can adapt them to run alongside any LED pendant or T5 fixture.  The dimmable controller allows you to save your photoperiod with a sunrise and sunset effect so as to easily compliment your existing light schedule. While LED striplights are most often used as a supplemental light over a mixed or SPS dominant reef, you can also use them as a standalone solution for your soft coral/LPS reef, refugium, or fish-only aquarium. 

Sizes Available

24” (18 total 3 watt LEDs)
36” (27 total 3 watt LEDs)
48” (36 total 3 watt LEDs)
60” (45 total 3 watt LEDs)

What's In the Box

1x LumenBar Color light bar
1x In-Line Dimming Controller
2x Articulating mounting brackets
4x 3mm Phillips head screws
1x ATI hardware kit
1x Photon V2 hardware kit