Our Highest Rated DC Return Pump or Reactor Pump For Reef Tanks! Reef Octopus Varios DC Pumps

One of our favorites and most popular amongst our customers, the Reef Octopus Controllable DC Pumps are incredibly quiet and come with a variety of features you just won't find on competing return pumps. All four models are DC powered and offer the user complete control over the pumps flow rate and are suitable for both submerged and external applications. Octo offers both a standard circulation pump line and a protein skimmer line that includes a venturi fitting.

The included electronic controller gives you 5 levels of pump speed control along with a feed hold and float switch button. There is also a 0-10v control port for connection with your external aquarium controller along with a float switch port to connect the included float switch for water level detection and protection. This float is a great feature that can protect your pump against dry run! Both the inlet and outlet connection is done with the included standard PVC unions so you can easily remove the pump for cleaning without having to disassemble your plumbing. In addition to being extremely quiet, they are also very compact for the amount of water flow you get meaning they will easily fit into tight sump spaces.

With these features and spotless reputation, its no wonder the Reef Octopus VarioS was voted our Best Of 2019 DC Pump and continues to be the most popular DC pump with the highest number of unique purchases on our website.

Reef Octopus VarioS Pumps

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