MarcoRock is an affordable quarried dry rock that you can use to create a highly functional, biologically rich aquascape in your saltwater aquarium. Although the rock is not pulled from wild ocean reefs, it is actually mined limestone that was created on ancient reefs thousands of years ago so it carries similar properties to naturally harvested live rock. 

Affordable, eco-friendly, and pest-free dry rock for your reef!

Reef Saver Rock

Once cycled into an aquarium, MarcoRock Reefsaver Dry Rock will provide a functional habitat for all of your aquatic pets and serve as a biological substrate for beneficial bacteria and a variety of other microorganisms to thrive upon. The rough texture is also an ideal foundation for corals, macroalgae, and various other organisms that may attach to or encrust upon the rock's surfaces. 

Its porous texture creates a vast network of surface area and interlocking cavities that allow the rock to be securely stacked when constructing aquascapes. MarcoRock can also easily be broken down into smaller chunks with a simple hammer and chisel so you can accommodate a variety of different applications.  

How Much Rock Do I Need?

It is always better to have more rock than you need as opposed to not having enough to complete your aquascape. We generally recommend around 1 lb per gallon of water volume which usually gives you plenty of rock for a reasonably sized aquascape. If you really are picky and plan to build an intricate aquascape, you can order as much as 1.5+ lbs per gallon of water volume.  

It is a good idea to let the rock cure in salt water for 4 - 6 weeks before being used in an established aquarium. When building a new aquarium, cycle the rock right inside the display and give it plenty of time to cycle thoroughly before adding fish. Do not turn on your lights for the first few months and add copepods alongside your first few fish to avoid promoting photosynthetic pests. 

Reef Saver Rock



MarcoRocks Reef Saver

The most popular type of rock, Reef Saver is sold by the pound and comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes.  The chunks will range from as small as 4" in diameter up to the largest pieces being shipped around 12-15" across. This is the best choice for breaking into pieces and re-assemble using glue, epoxy, and mortar to build your aquascape. 

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MarcoRocks Foundation

This rock is cut perfectly flat on one side to lay flat on the bottom of your aquarium.  When building an aquascape, use the foundation rock on the bottom of your tank for structural support then stack or assemble the remainder of the scape on top of the foundation pieces. 

  • Small Foundation Reef Saver Rock - Ranges from 4" to 8" across the widest point.
  • Medium Foundation Reef Saver Rock - Ranges from 8" to 11" across the widest point.
  • Large Foundation Reef Saver Rock - Pieces range from 9" or more across the widest point

MarcoRocks Shelf

These are flat pieces of organically shaped rocks. They are not cut flat and still look very natural but provide you with an excellent flat area to mount corals and create various structures. They range in size from 5" to 15" across the widest point. 

MarcoRocks Frag Mounts

This is a back of small rubble rock that can be used as a frag mount or biological media. Each piece will vary in size and range from 0.5" to 3" in diameter.