Kalkwasser Dosing Comeback! Stable, Accurate & Longer Lasting Kalkwasser Dosing For Your Reef Tank

When Avast Marine sets their sites on a piece of reef tank equipment, more often than not the outcome is something far superior than where it started. The K1 and K2 Kalkwasser Stirrer exemplifies this process with features that just make sense and won't leave you frustrated or looking for another solution.

What makes Avast Marine Kalkwasser Stirrers better?

It's all in the simple yet sophisticated design. The electronic motor-driven stirrer eliminates the need for a pump coming in contact with the Kalk solution. That means you won't be constantly replacing or cleaning your ATO or recirculation pump which is common with other Kalkwasser solutions. The gravity overflow outlet means it does not rely on a pressurized chamber that has a tendency to leak over time. The reactor is small and will easily fit under your tank, especially when compared to a calcium reactor or larger dosing vessels.

Kalkwasser Stirrer Plumbing

How to use an Avast Marine Kalkwasser Stirrer

We recommend using a programmable dosing pump to pull fresh water from your freshwater reservoir through the stirrer and into your tank. The Neptune Systems DOS, EcoTech Marine Versa, GHL Doser, and Kamoer pumps are all excellent options as you can control the fluid delivery without relying on a separate timer. While the reactor is compatible with your ATO in may cases, we just don't recommend it because you are at the mercy of your tank's evaporation rate. By dosing separately with a dedicated dosing pump, you have full control over how much and how fast the kalkwasser is added for precision sake.

  1. Assemble and install the Avast Marine Stirrer according to your ATO reservoir location as outlined in the user manual. Mount and connect your dosing pump using 1/4" RO tubing. Route and secure the 1/2" outlet tubing from the stirrer into your sump or tank.
  2. Add 0.5 - 1 cup of BRS Bulk Pharma Kalkwasser powder to the Avast Marine Kalkwasser Stirrer chamber.
  3. Fill the stirrer 2/3 full with fresh RO/DI water, replace the lid and plug in the stirrer. Let it mix for 5 minutes. The unit is designed to be left stirring 24/7 but you can use a timer to extend the motor life, just be sure you're stirring no less than 2-3 hours per day total stir time.
  4. Use a conductivity (EC) meter to verify maximum saturation (+/- 10 mS/cm at 77ºC).
  5. Test for major elements (calcium and alkalinity) in your reef tank to ensure they are balanced at your target parameters before you start dosing. Adjust if necessary using BRS Bulk Pharma Additives.
  6. Start with a low dose (200 - 500 mL per day) and gradually increase or decrease as necessary. Test alkalinity levels daily for the first 5-7 days to verify you're adding the right amount.
  7. Monitor electrical conductivity (EC) of the kalkwasser solution weekly and add more Kalkwasser powder when you start to see a drop in EC levels. You can use either a hand-held high range conductivity meter or use the included black compression fitting on the lid of the stirrer to mount a conductivity probe (calibrated correctly) attached to your aquarium controller.

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