Why most reefers are choosing these TOP Protein Skimmers of 2019!

Reef Octopus Essence S-130

Most popular internal skimmer for 2019

All of the modern features of an internal AC skimmer such as a slim profile, air silencer and drain fitting but also a few surprises that simply make your life easy. The most notable being the incredibly easy to remove skimmer body that gives you access to the pump for maintence within seconds via the four quick disconnect clips.

Red Sea RSK 300 Reefer

Most popular internal skimmer within the last 4 months

Released in mid 2019 the RSK series skimmers from Red Sea are really gaining traction among hobbyists and if isolated down to the last few months, this RSK300 model has sold the most units over any other skimmer on our website. Red Sea does a very thorough job developing products that are user friendly and seem to have hit it out of the park with their new skimmers.

Tunze Comline DOC Series

Most popular hang-on style protein skimmer

It is the classic Tunze magnetic mounting system that really sets these hang-on style skimmers apart. No bulky pump or awkward hang-on mount, instead, the Comline skimmers hold flush with your tank wall using strong magnets. Choose from three models: 9001, 9004, or 9012 with the larger two sizes being available with either an AC or DC powered pump.

Somatic Space Saver Series

Lowest cost AC protein skimmer line

Somatic comes in with the base model 60S priced at only $199 but certainly does not lack in features or power. It uses a high-quality Sicce brand protein skimmer pump, compression fit skimmer body and collection cup connections, bubble diffusor, drain fitting, air silencer and a compact profile with the pump located inside the body. Better yet, you can purchase the sump/skimmer combo which is shipped together to save you even more money!

Skimz Monzter DC Series

Lowest cost DC protein skimmer line

DC powered protein skimmers offer you the best control to easily tune your skimmer for maximum waste removal and the Skimz Monzter series skimmers give you that control, at the best price. By controlling the pump speed you can manipulate the air draw to acheive a wetter or dryer foam to accomodate your particular bioload.

Reef Octopus Regal EXT Series

Easiest to use and tune for high-performance

The Regal external protein skimmers are a dual pump design in which the included VarioS DC pump is used to create foam inside the skimmer body with a seperate feed pump required to feed water into the skimmer from your tank. This external recirculating design gives the user precise control over the air draw and flow through rate regardless of the water level in the sump.

Reef Octopus Elite Series

Ryan's best in show

You might notice the one thing many of these skimmers have in common is the VarioS DC pump. The Elite is perhaps the most unique in that they have inverted the VarioS pump and removed the volute inside the skimmer body which increases the contact time by utilizing the entirety of the skimmers body as opposed to just the portion of the body above the pumps outlet. It also features an integrated float switch mounted to the collection cup that connects directly to the pump controller and in the event the skimmer overflows, the pump will automatically turn itself off.

Reef Octopus Regal Series

Randy's best in show

Classic internal protein skimmers with two different design options available, the smaller profile SSS or Super Space Saver and the INT or Internal. Randy really likes the use of a gate valve for more precise water level control as opposed to the typical wedge pipe you see on a majority of skimmers out there. Again, both lines are driven by the very reliable VarioS DC skimmer pumps.

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