The Aquaforest Component 1+, 2+, 3+ contain all of the essential major and minor trace elements needed for a complete balance in our reef tank. The convenience of utilizing all three Aquaforest components is it's already a premixed solution, so there's no additional measuring or mixing. In addition, all three components are dosed equally and alleviate any complicated math that goes along with balancing any parameters. Finally, there is no need for dosing containers as it comes with the capability to connect directly to the Aquaforest containers.

If you're looking for convenient, easy to dose and control solutions with complete ionic balance for your reef tank. Take a glance at the Aquaforest Component 1+, 2+, 3+!

Component 1+

Aquaforest Component 1+

Component 2+

Aquaforest Component 2+

Component 3+

Aquaforest Component 3+

Using the Aquaforest calculator, you can accurately calculate your parameters for alkalinity, Calcium, or magnesium levels.