In the latest episode of 52 Weeks of Reefing: Second Edition, Ryan is joined by special guest, Josh Earel of World Wide Corals, to answer 52 frequently asked questions in 52 minutes. Filmed LIVE at Reef-A-Palooza Dallas.


0:27 When do you add pods and bacteria?
2:57 Will all the chromis die?
7:04 Survival the best measurement of success?
8:08 When do you start water changes?
9:34 How do you know ozone is working?
11:31 Ozone compatible protein skimmers?
12:41 What happened to Ryan’s 360?
15:32 Why Tropic Marin Pro Reef?
17:45 What spectrum on the predator tank?
20:25 Habitat vs cost
22:59 Why no fleece or socks?
25:33 Are microplastics a problem?
27:51 What about filtering with clams?
29:03 Where is the Biome 2 series?
32:53 Can you share the flow or wavemaker settings?
34:18 What's the right flow rate for UV?
35:46 Why retire the rollermat on the LPS tank?
36:35 When will we see an update on the chromis tank?
37:55 Does an airstone work during power outages?
39:11 Wait, where was week 4?
39:27 Wild fish diet vs captive diet?
41:31 What kind of live sand is that?
44:11 What reef tank lighting is that?
48:49 What about an air pump in the return?
50:18 How many pounds of live rock?
52:16 Adaptive Reef tablet board?
53:42 What is the best tablet for an Apex?
54:33 Why not a calcium reactor?
57:04 Coris wrasse vs halichoeres wrasse?
58:15 Which way to mount a EcoTech Radion?