In the latest episode of "52 Weeks of Reefing: Second Edition," host Ryan Batcheller is joined by esteemed guest Joe Caparatta. Together, they delve deep into the fascinating world of wild coral reefs and extract invaluable insights that aquarists can apply to their captive saltwater aquariums. Drawing parallels between the natural environment and our home aquariums, this episode promises to equip viewers with knowledge and techniques to better imitate the wild and ensure thriving conditions for their marine pets. Whether you're a seasoned reef keeper looking for a new perspective or just starting out and eager to succeed, the wisdom from wild reefs presented in this episode is bound to enhance your approach to saltwater aquarium care.

Joe Caparatta is an esteemed member of the aquarium community and has been professionally involved with aquariums for 35 years, having started his journey at the age of 13 when he began working in a fish store after school. His dedication to the field is evident, as he hasn't stopped working in the sector since. 

Joe owns Manhattan Aquariums, an LFS located in New York. He upholds high standards for installation and maintenance. In addition to his physical store, he owns which specializes in the sale of captive cultured corals grown in their state-of-the-art coral farms. Furthermore, Joe holds a position as the U.S. distributor for several notable brands, including Panta Rhei, Pax Bellum, and Triton as well as a partnership with Marco Rocks.

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