Measuring salinity is useful in a variety of circumstances; protecting the tank against an auto top off failure, seeing salinity at a glance when dosing two part, and even using on your saltwater storage/mixing container. Programming an outlet: Select the proper outlet in fusion and click the "settings" gear next to it Open the advanced tab, and enter code "If Condx6 (less than symbol) 34 Then Off" which will turn off the power to your auto top off if the salinity ever drops below 34. Note: Proper capitalization and spaces are important. The x6 portion signifies the module number your Apex assigned the module, yours could be x4 or x5. Set up an email or warning alarm: Click the settings gear next to your alarm Enter code "If Condx6 (less than symbol) 34 Then On and If Condx6 (greater than symbol) 36 Then On" - send to Apex and you're done. If you have questions or advice for your fellow reefers checkout the comments area down below. Don't miss our next episode, hit that subscribe button! :) Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: