First things first, I have to say even if I didn't hook up the AFS feeder to the Apex, it would still be my favorite feeder. It does a great job of keeping food dry and it dispenses a predictable amount using most common sized foods. Once you pair it with the Apex, you can automatically set it up to do a single rotation of a larger volume of food or multiple rotations of small amounts of food spread out over various periods of the day. It has a clamp that goes on the side of the tank, making it really easy to mount. It also comes with two aquabus ports, like every Apex module, which you could use to daisy chain a second feeder. Setting the AFS up in Fusion: Locate the virtual outlet called 'Feeder' and click the settings gear next to it. Option: Control Type Select 'Feeder' Option: First Feeding Enter the time you'd like the first feeding to start Option: Repeat Interval Enter the amount of minutes to repeat the feeding after the first feeding Option: Drum Rotations Enter the amount of times you want the drum to rotate in a single feeding Option: Feedings Per Day Enter the number of feedings per day Option: Feed Timer Enter the feed mode you want associated with this feeding Hit 'Send to Apex' and you're done. TIP: If you'd like to see the code the configuration wizard wrote for you, click the advanced tab. You'll notice it's mainly using the oscillating/OSC code and some time statements to set it all up. Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: