There are three types of alarms on your Apex, and each is referred to as a "Virtual Outlet" - which means they're programmed the same way you would program a physical outlet on your energy bar. Each "Virtual Outlet" is labeled using abbreviations of "Sound Warning", "Sound Alarm" and "Email Alarm." Sound Warning: Infrequent beep designed to make you aware of a non-emergent situation. Sound Alarm: Constant alarm to alert you of an urgent issue. Email Alarm: Email or text alert based on a list of events you want to be notified of. TIP: You can check what each sounds like by sliding the alarm status bar from "Auto" to "On" - once you're done, be sure to slide it back to "Off" and then "Auto. Setting up the "Email Alarm:" - Hit "Settings" under your username - Click the "Notification" tab - Select "Method" (email or text) and enter recipient. The sound warning and alarm require a few lines of code to set-up. Here's some examples, assuming you're using standard probe naming (since special characters/angle brackets cannot be used in YouTube, we'll substitute with "(greater than symbol) or (less than symbol)" TIP: Line 1 should always be 'Set OFF' which ensures the alarm is off by default. Note: spacing and proper capitalization is important. Temperature Alarm: Set off an alarm if the temp goes above 82 or below 75. If Temp (greater than symbol) 82.0 Then ON If Temp (less than symbol) 75.0 Then ON" pH Alarm: Set off an alarm if the pH goes above 8.5 or below 7.7. If pH (greater than symbol) 8.5 Then ON If pH (less than symbol) 7.7 Then ON ORP Alarm: Set off an alarm if the ORP goes below 250 or above 450 (code is continued from above). If ORP (greater than symbol) 450 Then ON If ORP (less than symbol) 250 Then ON Level (like Float Switch) Alarm: Set off an alarm if your float switch is closed. If Switch6 CLOSED Then ON Door Alarm: Set off an alarm if the door on your stand is opened (code is continued from above). If Switch6 OPEN Then ON ALD Leak Detector Alarm: Set off an alarm when a leak is detected. Note that the 'x' on the switch indicates this is an ALD leak sensor rather than a simple switch. Your module name will likely be different depending on the sensor used, and module number the Apex assigned your ALD module. If Switchx5_1 CLOSED Then On Salinity Alarm: Set off an alarm based on your conductivity or salinity module. Note that your code may look different; the number after the 'x' signifies the module number, and the alarm points will depend on if you are measuring salinity in parts per thousand or conductivity. the below code is programmed assuming you are using parts per thousand. If Condx4 (greater than symbol) 37.0 Then ON If Condx4 (less than symbol) 33.0 Then ON TIP: Remember to test each alarm when you add it to be sure it's working properly. If you have issues, check the probe name to ensure they are the same in the set-up area of the display and/or tiles within the Fusion interface. Questions? Comments? Let us know in the comments section! Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: