In the 11th episode of the Neptune Apex series, we show you how to calibrate your temperate probe. If you have multiple probes on your tank, you may have noticed that they are off by a few degrees from each other, which is common. For calibrating, you have a few options: 1.You could spend the money on a highly accurate thermometer 2: Use a variety of sources and average them out. Either way, you'll need to know how to calibrate your temperature probe on the Apex. Here's how: Step 1: Hit the main menu button, Set up, Temp Set up, Temp Calibrate. Step 2: Select the probe you are calibrating, which is temp. Step 3. Enter the temp you would like to calibrate to. If you have any questions about this process or tips for your fellow reefers check out the comments area down below. Make sure to hit subscribe to get future episodes in our Apex series! Check out the entire Apex line: Watch the whole playlist: Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: