Did you know 1 in 3 US reefers likely has chloramines in their water supply? A typical carbon block can fail in less than 1/100th its rated useful life when used to treat chloramines. We wanted to show the community exactly how effective (or ineffective) various carbon blocks truly are at treating chloramines, so we ran couple of tests so you can see for yourself. While we expected the BRS Universal carbon block to out-perform the standard blocks, we were pretty surprised to see how quickly the standard blocks were actually depleted on our chloramine-treated water. Hopefully this test will really put an end to the chloramines verses carbon block debate for good. To be honest this is something that pretty much every municipal water-related industry has understood for a long time but for some reason wasn't as well accepted in the aquarium industry. We encourage the community to test for themselves. Watch the video for our test results as well as tips on how to test for yourself.