Vertex Aquaristik generously donated a 120 Gallon tank with stand for the BRS lobby. We've decided to turn the tank into a clownfish harem aquarium and show you all the steps. In this first episode, we set up the tank from Vertex. We first saw these tanks from Vertex at MACNA 2013. The stand is made from aluminum framing and is solid. There are many choices for the doors which can easily be removed to change the look or better yet, get at all the aquarium equipment. All the panels can easily be removed - that is unheard of, but makes all the difference when trying to get at all equipment for your reef tank. The rimless tank is super sharp and contains a glass reinforced overflow box with a removable weir to allow for easy cleaning. So why a species only tank filled with clowns? After a lot of research and talking to a lot of folks, we thought it would be beneficial to show how to be successful with a clownfish harem tank. We plan to start with fairly small juveniles from the same clutch where the dominance hierarchy has begun to be established. Having a 120 gallon tank will allow for enough habitat that they won't need to assert aggression but also places for less aggressive clownies to hide. Critical is developing a feeding schedule with adequate filtration techniques as well as reliable maintenance schedule to help maintain nutrient levels. For all of the Clownfish Harem tank video's checkout the playlist at