It is anemone time! After starting the tank 3 months ago the fish are growing fast and the dominance hierarchy is starting to form. We added a variety of bubble tip anemones to the tank. We feed the anemones small mysis to help them grow faster. We suggest feeding small easily digested foods because it is more likely the anemone will hold onto it. With larger foods (like silversides) it is pretty common for the anemones to spit the large food out later. Some of the clowns have started hosting the anemones. The fish get fed eight times a day from a Neptune AFS system that is loaded with Sustainable Aquatics Hatchery Diet. It is a lot of food but seems to be doing a great job at minimizing the food aggression from the clownfish. Feeding this much food makes it important to keep on top of nutrient export. To do this Lue does a 50% water change every week. We also installed a refugium, but with the 50% water changes and the big beefy skimmer it hasn’t been needed as much. We just received the new Vertex Omega 180i models. These new skimmers have all the usual features of a Vertex product but, with the 180i, they have moved the pump to the inside of the skimmer. This allowed us to upgrade and fit a more powerful skimmer into the same amount of space. For all of the Clownfish Harem tank video's checkout the playlist at Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: