The Riptide is the new prototype pump introduced by Maxspect this year at Interzoo 2014. Described as a "gyre" generator this pump moves water long distances and is capable of creating a gyre across a whole tank. Based on a relatively slow spinning rotor rather than a high speed propeller, the inside of the pump looks closer to what you would see on the inside of a furnace (commonly called a "squirrel cage fan") than the inside of an aquarium pump. Also new at Interzoo 2014 is the Maxspect Ethereal LED light. Expected to be available fall of 2014 the new LED fan uses a cross flow fan that pulls air from above and below the light and vents it out the sides. This allows for a light that is able to be high powered and remain cool at the same time. The light will be controllable via Android and iOS devices. Howard, with Maxspect, also gave us the run-down on the new Celestial and Blade LED lights. The Celestial is more of an LED spotlight, a small light fixture designed to light a smaller area. They have models with colors ranging from super actinic to 5K. The Blade is a lower power and small profile strip light designed for tanks with low light demand. The Blade can be controlled via a small infrared remote. Connect with us on Facebook: Check out our pics on Instagram: