5 Minute Saltwater Aquarium Guide Episode #29 - What's Next

In this series, you have learned nearly everything you need to know to get started keeping your very first reef aquarium. We decided to wrap this up with three final tools to help you succeed through the next stage of your reefkeeping journey.

Not what to do or how to do it, we are talking about where to find the information you need that is unique to your tank and personalized answers to your questions.



You are always going to have questions and our friends at Reef2Reef provide an amazing service and what we believe is the single most valuable resource for finding personalized answers to your questions.

A combination of resources is often logical to confirm the accuracy and expand upon the subject matter. Using the Reef2Reef forum exposes your inquiries to a vast userbase where you can get opinions and feedback from multiple hobbyists on just about any reef related subject matter.

#askBRStv Facebook Group

#askBRStv Facebook Group

This is a direct line to the BRStv team. You can share your experience and ask questions anytime, day or night, from the convenience of your smartphone using your Facebook account.

Even if you are not an active Facebook user, the #askBRStv group is a great tool that organizes conversation, media resources and notifications on your phone which also happens to be a camera and research tool in itself.

We do our best to answer each and every important question that we receive or at very minimum review and confirm the answers given by the community so you can be confident you are getting the best information possible.

BRStv YouTube Channel

BRStv Videos

You just watched 29 video episodes all about setting up your first reef tank and established a baseline of knowledge that likely puts you ahead of most other reefers who have been doing this for a year or more.

As you continue to learn and grow as a hobbyist, there will come a time when your curiosity strikes or something is perplexing enough for you to want to know WHY.

BRStv Playlist

BRSTV has over 1,000 more videos dedicated to reefing that cover almost every aspect of setting up and maintaining reef tanks. These videos go way beyond the HOW and help you understand WHY these methods work so well.

Start by browsing the BRStv Channel Page where we have organized our very best playlists and series covering everything from the best products to investigative and research topics.

Our most popular series by far is the 52 Weeks of Reefing where we track the setup and progress of a 160-gallon reef tank. Much like the 5 Minute Guide except done in 20 - 30 minute episodes that address every aspect we possibly could think of during that large tank build.

BulkReefSupply.com Category Videos

We also upped the game this year and organized all of our videos into the header of every major product category on BulkReefSupply.com. Now all of the newest, most relevant and best information is neatly organized into a dozen major categories right on our webpage for you to conveniently access while you shop.

Between the 5 minute guide, these more in-depth series, mobile access to the BRS team and a larger BRS community, I don't think there is a question or challenge that can’t be solved.

BRS360 Video Series

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