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Skimmers, Reactors, and Filtration Videos

A full library of educational videos about protein skimmers, algae scrubbers, media reactors, calcium reactors, aquarium filtration systems, ozonizers and uv sterilizers to help you maintain optimal water quality inside your reef tank.
  1. BRStv Product Spotlight All-in-One Drop-In Filtration Kits

    Turn your undrilled saltwater tank into an All-In-One! Fiji Cube AIO Drop-In Kits

    Turn your 10, 20, or 40 gallon aquarium into an all-in-one tank complete with baffled filtration, surface overflow and media chambers! Fiji Cube's Drop-In kits fit perfectly into standard size tanks and provide an affordable platform to customize your tank without the hassle of a sump.

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  2. BRStv Product Spotlight - Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Mini

    What's new with the Mini Bubble King Protein Skimmers? Royal Exclusiv Mini Bubble King Review

    Thomas shows off the Royal Exclusiv Bubble King Mini series protein skimmers.
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  3. BRStv Product Spotlight- Automatic Skimmer Neck Cleaner ANC

    Don't Want Fish Poo on Your Hands? The Reef Octopus Auto Skimmer Neck Cleaner Will Do It for You

    We agree, it's pretty gross to have to stick your hand down inside the skimmer neck for regular cleaning. If you're a Reef Octopus skimmer owner, you're doing it all wrong! Check out the ANC or Automatic Neck Cleaner instead.
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  4. BRStv Product Spotlight - GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor Deluxe

    BRS Deluxe Carbon & GFO Reactor: A Saltwater Tank Media Reactor That's More Than a Fancy Black Lid

    Check it out as Thomas shows you exactly why the BRS GFO and Carbon Deluxe Media Reactor has earned the title of being the BEST.
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  5. Top Mistakes Royal Exclusiv Protein Skimmers

    Which Royal Exclusiv Protein Skimmer Is Right and How Do You Use Them Best on Your Reef Tank?

    Take our advice and ensure your money is well spent with these tips for getting the most out of your Royal Exclusiv Protein Skimmer.
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  6. Top Mistakes Reef Octopus Classic Protein Skimmers

    Reef Octopus Classic Protein Skimmers: They Always Work Well, but Here's How to Tune Them Better

    Looking for an affordable protein skimmer that just works without constant tinkering and adjustments? Look no further than the Reef Octopus Classic series and learn from our mistakes so you don't have to learn the hard way.
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  7. Top Mistakes Reef Octopus Regal and Elite Series Protein Skimmers

    Are You Using Them Right? What's the Deal With These Reef Octopus Regal & Elite Protein Skimmers?

    Learn the difference between the Reef Octopus Regal and Elite series protein skimmers and find out how to avoid some common skimmer mistakes.
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  8. Top BRS GFO and Carbon Media Reactor Mistakes

    BRS Carbon Reactor & GFO Reactor Setup Challenges and Tips to Get It Right in Your Reef Tank

    The BRS GFO and Carbon filter media reactor is at the top of our list for fluidizing media on a reef tank but don't get caught making these mistakes!
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  9. BRStv Product Spotlight Hydor E-SK Series Protein Skimmers

    Review these Hydor E-SK DC Protein Skimmers! Surprising features, surprising affordability

    At this price point with a myriad of convenient features, you can't ignore the Hydor E-SK series protein skimmers.
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  10. BRStv Product Spotlight Reef Octopus Elite Series Protein Skimmers

    Reef Octopus Elite Protein Skimmers: Still reliable, still trusted, upgraded style and features!

    Find out why Reef Octopus Elite Series DC skimmers are some of the best skimmers you can buy as Thomas takes us on a full walkthrough in this BRStv Product Spotlight.
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