Live Sand Videos

  1. Top 10 Caribsea Sand Mistakes

    Which CaribSea Live Sand did you make these mistakes with? Ocean Direct, Fiji Pink, Special Grade?

    Learn what NOT to do when using live sand in your reef aquarium with this list of the Top 10 Caribsea Sand Mistakes.
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  2. What's on the bottom of your bare bottom tank? - #AskBRStv

    What's on the bottom of your bare bottom tank? - #AskBRStv

    On this #AskBRStv we answer BSReef's question on Instagram about what we use to cover the bottom of our bare bottom tanks. The answer is textured ABS board, but tune in to see why we use it and how we get it installed! Each week we'll pull questions from Facebook, Instagram, Reef2Reef, YouTube and our own website Q&A pages and answer the most interesting ones in a quick #AskBRStv episode. See what others are asking over on IG with the #AskBRStv! Catch our latest Instagram photos and videos on our IG page! Welcome to a brand new BRStv series called #AskBRStv where we take questions from you, the reefing community, across all of our social networks and forums and answer them right here on YouTube! From how your reef gear works to coral and fish care and everything in between, we're here to answer your questions and share collective hobby knowledge with the community at large. *Legal Stuff* The purpose and content of this video is to provide general information regarding

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  3. Live Rock and Sand Selection for Ultra Low Maintenance Reef Tanks | BRStv Tank Trials EP6

    Live Rock and Sand Selection for Ultra Low Maintenance Reef Tanks | BRStv Tank Trials EP6

    Today on BRStv Investigates: Tank Trials we are selecting rock and sand options for our three Ultra Low Maintenance tanks. In this episode we'll share our thoughts on what makes certain sand and rock choices conducive to a ULM tank and then give away 100lbs of free dry rock at the end! This week we're asking your thoughts on ULM water, salt and ATOs over on Reef2Reef, so head over and join in! Check out our options for selecting your own ULM Rock and Sand! Today on BRStv Investigates: Tank Trials, we want to know your thoughts on how to create a ULM aquascape and what you would choose for Ultra Low Maintenance sand and rock! Stay tuned as we follow the progression of Ultra Low Maintenance tanks for Softies & Polyps, LPS and SPS dominant reefs each with their own unique demands and requirements for success! We release a new BRStv Investigates episode each Friday, so don't forget to hit that subscribe button to see what's coming up next! *Legal Stuff* The purpose

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  4. FAQ #20: Why use MarinePure for filtration VS deep sand beds?

    FAQ #20: Why use MarinePure for filtration VS deep sand beds?

    In our 20th episode of the 52 FAQ, we are answering Mack Jones question from week 13: "When Marine Pure Ceramic Biomedia plates are substrated in the sump without water flowing through them, wouldn't they just become anaerobic filters over time? Why not save $500 and just have a deep sand bed for filtration?" Those are two pretty hotly debated topics wrapped up into one question. Deep sand bed’s and marine pure in general provide an environment capable of converting nitrate into nitrogen gas. Even if that was the case, I think most people are going to be happier with the marine pure blocks and I will share why. First I have seen enough deep sand beds that have been effective at processing and essentially removing nitrate so this is a legit question. For those of you that are not familiar with deep sand beds, they are typically 6-8" deep beds designed to promote an anaerobic area in the tank where there is little to no oxygen. the bacteria that populate this area utilize oxygen found a

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  5. Can you add sand to a bare bottom tank? | 52 FAQ

    Can you add sand to a bare bottom tank? | 52 FAQ

    Today we are answering SC Prepper's question "Could you start a tank bare and add sand later?" Adding sand to an existing tank can be done at any time. The biggest issue comes with how cloudy the tanks water can become from tiny particles in the bag of sand. We show you a few tricks on how to minimize how long it takes to clear your tank up. If you have any other tricks please feel free to share

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  6. Week 12: Proof: Live Sand isn't as dull as you thought! | 52 Weeks of Reefing #BRS160

    Week 12: Proof: Live Sand isn't as dull as you thought! | 52 Weeks of Reefing #BRS160

    We're a dozen weeks into the BRS160, and we're making a ton of progress! This week were weighing all of our options for sand, and choosing which is best for us. Follow along with us and discover which sand is best for you and your system! In the reef tank sand provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to populate and filter your tank. However, If you have enough live rock or filtration media in the sump it's not required for that purpose. The main reason reefers use sand is purely for aesthetic appeal. Everyone has a different idea of what looks nice, but most of us prefer the tank to have sand of some type. The biggest difference between the different sands is size of the grains and to some degree the color. So how much sand should you use, and at what depth? To be honest this depends on personal preference, but the most common range is anywhere from a half inch to two inches. For the most part this is really just a balance between aesthetics and trying to prevent the sand

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  7. Saltwater Basics - Water, Rock & Sand

    Saltwater Basics - Water, Rock & Sand

    This episode of BRSTV, we discuss the basics of saltwater tank set up as it relates to rock, sand and water. See how easy it is to make pure water at home and about the different varieties of sand and how rock can help cycle your tank. Disclaimer

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  8. Live Sand Explained

    Live Sand Explained

    Today on BRSTV, we discuss the benefits of live sand in your aquarium and the differences between Ocean Direct and Arag-Alive! Disclaimer

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