Filtration & Media

BRStv educational videos about aquarium filter media and reactors will show you how to remove phosphates, reduce nitrates, improve water clarity and get rid of excess CO2. You can also explore calcium reactor media, biological filtration and learn how to use your filter media reactor.
  1. BRStv Setup Guide - Sicce Whale Canister Filters

    How to Setup and Use the Sicce Whale Canister Filter on Your Saltwater Aquarium

    Canister filters can be very effective filtration tools for your saltwater reef aquarium. Find out how!
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  2. Watch Video - BRStv Product Spotlight Bulk Reef Supply ROX 0.8 Carbon Filter Media

    Why Is Bulk Reef Supply ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon The Most Popular Choice?

    Don't get lost in a sea of aquarium carbon, look no further than BRS ROX 0.8 if you want the best!
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  3. BRStv Product Spotlight - BRS GFO & Carbon Mini Reactor

    How Much Aquarium Carbon Do You Really Need? The BRS Mini GFO and Carbon Reactor For Tanks To 100gal

    Find out if the MIGHTY BRS Mini Carbon and GFO Media Reactor is right for you and your tank!
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  4. Top 20 CO2 Scrubber Mistakes

    Raising Reef Tank pH! Double Coral Growth! But Not If You Make These CO2 Scrubber Mistakes!

    Get up to 50% more coral growth by raising your pH properly using a CO2 Scrubber.
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  5. BRStv Product Spotlight - Seachem Cuprisorb Copper Removing Resin Media

    Copper Or Heavy Metals In Your Reef Tank?! Seachem CupriSorb Can Help Remove Them

    Seachem CupriSorb can protect your corals and other reef tank inverts from copper poisoning and dangerous concentrations of heavy metals.
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  6. Top 20 Filter Sock Mistakes

    Filter Socks Will Be the Best Filter Your Reef Tank Ever Had...If You Can Avoid These Mistakes

    Here is our best advice for using filter socks on your reef tank.
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  7. BRStv Product Spotlight - Seachem Tidal HOB Power Filter

    Can You Put a HOB Filter on a Reef Tank? With the Seachem Tidal HOB Power Filters You Can!

    Check the Seachem Tidal HOB Power Filter - one of the best hang-on filtration options for saltwater reef tanks.
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  8. Master Your Neptune Systems Apex - GFO and Carbon Media Reactors

    Ditch the Dumb Carbon & GFO Reactor. Your Apex Can Make It Smarter! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Learn how to control your GFO and Carbon Media Reactor using a Neptune Systems Apex Controller on your reef tank.
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