Filter Media Videos

  1. BRStv Product Spotlight - BRS GFO & Carbon Mini Reactor

    How Much Aquarium Carbon Do You Really Need? The BRS Mini GFO and Carbon Reactor For Tanks To 100gal

    Find out if the MIGHTY BRS Mini Carbon and GFO Media Reactor is right for you and your tank!
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  2. BRStv Product Spotlight - Seachem Cuprisorb Copper Removing Resin Media

    Copper Or Heavy Metals In Your Reef Tank?! Seachem CupriSorb Can Help Remove Them

    Seachem CupriSorb can protect your corals and other reef tank inverts from copper poisoning and dangerous concentrations of heavy metals.
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  3. Top 20 Filter Sock Mistakes

    Filter Socks Will Be the Best Filter Your Reef Tank Ever Had...If You Can Avoid These Mistakes

    Here is our best advice for using filter socks on your reef tank.
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  4. BRStv Product Spotlight - Tunze Comline Multifilters

    Reef Tank Filtration Without the Sump: Tunze Comline Filter / Multifilter

    If you value simplicity in your reef aquarium or just don't have the room for a sump, check out the Tunze Comline Multifilters.
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  5. BRStv Product Spotlight - GFO and Carbon Filter Media Reactor Deluxe

    BRS Deluxe Carbon & GFO Reactor: A Saltwater Tank Media Reactor That's More Than a Fancy Black Lid

    Check it out as Thomas shows you exactly why the BRS GFO and Carbon Deluxe Media Reactor has earned the title of being the BEST.
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  6. Top BRS GFO and Carbon Media Reactor Mistakes

    BRS Carbon Reactor & GFO Reactor Setup Challenges and Tips to Get It Right in Your Reef Tank

    The BRS GFO and Carbon filter media reactor is at the top of our list for fluidizing media on a reef tank but don't get caught making these mistakes!
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  7. Birghtwell Aquatics Purit

    It's like activated carbon on steroids! Reef tank contaminant protection: Brightwell Aquatics Purit

    Keep your tank sparkling and free of contaminants using Brightwell Aquatics Purit.
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  8. Boost Your Biofiltration With Brightwell Xport-Bio Media and Microbacter7

    Boost Your Biofiltration With Brightwell Xport-Bio Media and Microbacter7

    Learn how to take full advantage of the Brightwell Aquatics Xport Bio Media and MicroBacter 7 to establish a sufficient biological foundation in your tank, regardless of your choice of substrate and...
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