Aquarium Controller Videos

  1. BRStv Product Spotlight - Neptune Systems GRO LED Refugium Light

    Par, Spectrum & Features of the Neptune Systems GRO Macroalgae Refugium Light!

    Find out if the Neptune Systems GRO Light is just what your refugium needs to thrive!
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  2. Master UV Sterilization With Your Neptune Systems Apex

    Is Your UV Sterilizer Just an Expensive Paperweight? Your Neptune Apex Can Change That

    Find out how to make the most of your UV sterilizer using a Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller.
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  3. How to Automatically Feed Your Reef Tank Liquid Foods and Dry Foods. | Neptune Apex Guide

    How to Automatically Feed Your Reef Tank Liquid Foods and Dry Foods. | Neptune Apex Guide

    Randy has the Apex tips and tricks to feed your fish and feed your corals without lifting a finger. Automating your reef tank feeding isn't just convenient it can also solve all sorts of issues like;...
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  4. Neptune Apex Guide - Refugium, Algae Scrubbers and Algae Reactors

    Issues With Your Refugium, Algae Scrubber or Algae Reactor? Your Apex Can Help! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Randy shows us how to take advantage of your Neptune Apex when keeping a refugium.
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  5. Top Mistake Neptune Systems Apex LDK Leak Detection System

    The Neptune Leak Detection Kit and Tips for Using It to Solve Your Leaky Reef Tank Issues

    Stop your leaky tank before it's too late with the Neptune Systems Apex LDK Leak Detection Kit!
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  6. Master Monitoring Your Reef Tank With A Neptune Systems Apex

    Saltwater Tank Monitoring: 70+ Things to Look for When **** Hits the Fan! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Randy defines all of the critical alerts and alarms you can program into your Apex in order to avoid disaster. Not only will you learn which alarms to create and how to create them, Randy also...
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  7. Master Your Two Part Dosing With a Neptune Systems Apex

    How to Make 2-Part Dosing Your Reef Tank Smarter, Safer and More Reliable | Neptune Apex Setup Guide

    Randy shows you how to arm your Apex to protect your tank from some of the most common failures associated with two-part dosing.
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  8. Master Your Neptune Systems Apex - A Guide To Powerheads

    How to choose smarter powerheads for your reef tank? Connect them to your Apex! | Neptune Apex Guide

    Stay on top of your powerheads using your Neptune Systems Apex to identify and avoid unexpected powerhead failures.
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