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All the videos you will ever need about additives, supplements and maintaining reef tank water chemistry. Learn how to dose and mix your own two part solution using BRS Bulk Pharma, add minor and trace elements, use a dosing pump, the Triton Method, Korallen Zucht, Zeovit and more.
  1. BRStv Product Spotlight Korallen Zucht BRS160 Additive Kit

    The Special Korallen Zucht Bundle That Made the BRS160! What Can the BRS160 Coral Bundle Do For You?

    This set of Korallen Zucht additives is the secret to our success behind the famous BRS160 reef tank.
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  2. BRStv Product Spotlight - Avast Marine K1 and K2 Kalkwasser Stirrer Video

    Kalkwasser Dosing Comeback! Stable, Accurate & Longer Lasting Kalkwasser Dosing For Your Reef Tank

    Learn how to use the Avast Marine Kalkwasser Stirrer and why it's one of the BEST options for dosing Kalkwasser in your reef tank.
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  3. BRStv Product Spotlight Korallen Zucht Pohl's Coral Vitalizer

    KZ Pohl's Coral Vitalizer Coral Food & Aminos: Perfect Coral Feeding Answer For Finicky LPS Corals!

    If you're looking to give your coral complete nutrition without sky rocketing your nitrate and phosphate levels, check out KZ's Pohl's Coral Vitalizer!
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  4. Top 20 Kalkwasser Mistakes

    Top 20 Kalkwasser Secrets...Or Fails. Best Kept Secret For Your Reef Tank!

    Take the fast track to dosing Kalkwasser like a pro by avoiding these Top 20 Kalkwasser Mistakes!
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  5. Korallen Zucht Flatworm Stop and Coral Booster For Treating Acro Eating Flatworms

    Acro Eating Flatworms?! Try These Tips And KZ Flatworm Stop & Coral Booster In Your Reef Tank FIRST

    Whether your fighting Acro Eating Flatworms or simply want to provide your corals with the best line of defence, check our Korallen Zucht Flatworm Stop and Coral Booster.
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  6. BRStv Product Spotlight - DIY Tropic Marin All-For-Reef

    Make Your Own Tropic Marin All for Reef...CHEAP! Reef Tank Minor, Major & Trace Elements One Bottle

    Learn how to save up to 60% on your Tropic Marin All-For-Reef by mixing it yourself!
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  7. BRStv Product Spotlight - Bettix Bottles

    The Easiest Way to Dose Your Reef Tank by Hand. Just Give Them a Squeeze! Bettix Dosing Containers

    If your dosing by hand and not using Bettix Bottles, your life is about to get a whole lot easier.
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  8. BRStv Product Spotlight - Reef Brite Live Rock and Reef Enhance

    Reef Brite Reef Enhance & Live Rock Enhance: Taking Care of Your Filter Feeders and Corals Needs!

    Check it out as Thomas dives into Reef Brite's unique Reef Enhance and Live Rock Enhance additives that will not only help clean up your tank but also feed your corals at the same time!
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