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Xport-BIO Biological Filtration Plate

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Plate Dimensions - 9.25" x 8.25" x 1.5"

Xport-Bio is great for tanks that have minimal aquascape, or heavily stocked. The biomedia plates can be put just about anywhere within the system to allow more surface area for biological filtration, resulting in faster conversion of ammonia and nitrite into nitrate. Bacteria will colonize on surfaces within the aquarium, and by adding more surface area will give the bacteria more space to flourish.

Brightwell utilizes NanoIntelex technology creating a highly superior biomedia that has vast amounts of surface area that will allow beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize. Xport-Bio works with all types of saltwater aquariums and can be employed in just about anywhere the plate fill fit.


Xport-Bio is a superior biomedia that utilizes NanoIntelex Technology allowing Brightwell to create one of the best, most adaptable biomedia on the market today. Made specifically to allow beneficial nitrifying bacteria to colonize within the vast amounts of surface area within the cubes internal pore structure.

  • Utilizes NanoIntelex Technology to create an enhanced material with vast surface area for colonization by beneficial nitrifying bacteria, resulting in the rapid and efficient conversion of ammonia into nitrite and nitrate.
  • The highest colonizable surface area to volume ratio of synthetic biological filtration media available.
  • Higher efficiency relative to conventional media results in smaller space requirements to achieve equivalent nitrification.
  • May be employed to rapidly decrease ammonia and nitrite concentrations in even the most heavily-stocked aquatic systems.
  • May be used in conjunction with Xport-NO3 and Xport-PO4


Instructions and Guidelines

Read all instructions before use. The use of a mechanical pre-filter to remove particulate organic material from water before its working with this media will improve efficiency. Rinse Xport-BIO in purified water or low-TDS fresh water, then place media into a clean pail and fill with water from the aquarium into which the media is to be placed. Seed each plate of Xport-BIO used with 20-ml of MicroBacter7 (poured into the pail and dispersed by hand), then allow media to remain in this "bath" for 24-hours at room temperature. Remove Xport-BIO from bucket and pour water into the aquarium system, then place Xport-BIO into canister filter, media reactor, or 800µm mesh filter bag; a flow-through rate of 1 - 3x the total aquarium volume per hour is recommended. Do not fluidize. Remove and rinse ~33% of the total Xport-BIO employed in a pail of discarded aquarium water (when performing a water change) once or twice each month, and place media back into use. Apply 1-ml of MicroBacter7 per 20 US-gallons (~76 L) in system to aquarium in an area of high water flow to fortify media after rinsing.


Xport-BIO is not a chemical filtration media; it must be seeded with appropriate bacteria to begin nitrification. Simply placing Xport-BIO into an established aquarium will slowly seed the media, however seeding with MicroBacter7 as directed above will significantly decrease cycling time and therefore results in faster results. In all systems, begin with a ratio of 150 g Xport-BIO per 300 US-gallons (1,136 L) in system. Nitrification will typically begin within one day; rate of nitrification increases with time (generally mature within 2 weeks) and increasing nitrogen content in system. If plants and/or zooxanthellate invertebrates (e.g. corals, clams, etc.) appear to react negatively to the use of Xport-BIO, it may be an indication that nitrogen is being removed too aggressively; NeoNitro or FlorinGro may be employed to provide nitrogen as nitrate, and feeding with the appropriate foods is necessary for all zooxanthellate invertebrates. Note that the required amount of Xport-BIO may change as the system matures, and as biomass and/or stocking density changes; high-nutrient systems may require a greater ratio of Xport-BIO to water volume, evident as a persistent ammonia presence regardless of how much MicroBacter7 is employed.

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Product Questions

Can I break this plate up into smaller squares to fit in the rear portion of my Bio 32 that I have turned into a refugium?
Question by: Wyatte McBryde on Feb 18, 2022, 3:29 PM
Hey Wyatte, thanks for the question! There should be no issues with breaking this up into smaller chunks!
Answer by: James Johnson (BRS Staff) on Mar 2, 2022, 12:07 PM
What's the difference between this product and the marine pure plates?
Question by: Garnett Miller on Nov 30, 2016, 7:09 PM
Great question! The actual construction of these two products are proprietary to each manufacturer and those details are not included in their respective product descriptions. Essentially, though, they both function in the same manner. That is, they allow for a highly porous surface for beneficial bacteria to colonize. :-)
Answer by: Randy on Dec 13, 2016, 8:35 PM
With Xport-BIO Biological Filtration Plate do you have to replace it over time? How long do they last in low flow area? Also is it ok to put it under my skimmer?


Question by: Chuck on Nov 4, 2016, 9:35 AM
Hey there! The Xport-BIO does not need to be replaced. It serves as a porous surface area for beneficial bacteria to live, much like your live rock. :-)
Answer by: Randy on Nov 4, 2016, 1:43 PM