How to Start a Saltwater Tank

In this series we will go over how simple it is to start your first saltwater tank as well as some of the common upgrades and improvements people make.

Calcium, Alkalinity & Trace Elements

This series for BRSTV discusses maintaining calcium, alkalinity and trace elements in a reef aquarium. Episodes focus on 2 part dosing of Calclium & Alkalinity, using trace elements to enhance coral growth and health, using kalkwasser to maintain calcium and alkalinity as well as testing kits, monitors and controllers.

Aquarium Testing, Monitors & Controllers

In this series for BRSTV, we dive a little bit deeper into aquarium test kits - how and what to test for, frequency and using the right test for the right job. Also, we take a look at the various monitors and controllers available for the saltwater aquarium. We discuss the various options for single monitors to complete aquarium controllers. Learn about redundancy in order to protect your tank and your home from disaster.

Coral Propagation

In this series for BRStv, we discuss ways to profit from coral propagation and introduce several kits available - one specific for propagating softies, polyps and anemones and one specific to stony corals.

Selecting Fish and Corals

In this series, we continue to explore what makes a successful new reef tank. Learn about reef safe fish, low maintenance corals as well as proper feeding and care for fish and corals.

Aquarium Lighting

In this series on BRSTV, we discuss Aquarium Lighting. Learn ways to create lighting effects through the use of T5 Fluorescent, Metal Halide and LEDs in your reef tank.

Aquarium Filtration

In this series, BRSTV discusses several different types of aquarium filtration like biological and chemical filtration as well as the use of protein skimmers to keep your tank clean and clear.

Saltwater Basics - Owning a Saltwater Tank

In this series, BRSTV will take you step by step through the process of owning and enjoying a saltwater tank as well as describe the products and tips for successful reefing.

Aquascaping and Aquarium Rock

This series is all about rock! Including how we recommend curing rock as well as some really cool tips on how to aquascape, like how to create caves and other custom shapes. We also go over some of the different types of rock and how you can decide on what the best type of rock is for you.

Calcium and Alkalinity in the Reef Aquarium

In this series we go over some of the science behind how calcium and alkalinity behave in the aquarium, how to choose a solution for maintaining their levels in the tank, as well as other information such as how you can look into the quality of your reef supplements.

RO/DI Series

Everything you could want to know about using RO/DI water in the saltwater aquarium. We go over why it is important to use reverse osmosis water, how to set up the system, how to select a good system as well as upgrades, tips and tricks.

MACNA 2013: New Product Spotlights

BRStv attended MACNA 2013 and we are thrilled to tell you about all the new products we saw to help make reef keeping and saltwater aquarium ownership better than ever. We learned about the ReefLink from EcoTech Marine, the Hydor Smart Level Auto Top Off and the Apex Fusion from Neptune Systems. The trend here seems to be technology and being able to control your equipment from the palm of your hand with your smart phone or tablet. We are excited about the new Vertex Omega 130 with superior construction at a great price point. More to come...