Reefer's Best Premium Coral Reef Salt (20kg) - Korallen-Zucht

Korallen-Zucht Reefer's Best Premium Coral Reef Salt 20kg
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  • Korallen-Zucht Reefer's Best Premium Coral Reef Salt 20kg
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Reefer's Best Premium Coral Reef Salt (20kg) - Korallen-Zucht

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Reefer's Best Premium Coral Reef Salt is produced by Korallen-Zucht of Germany and targets elemental concentrations to most closely match that of natural seawater.

  • Provides all necessary elements for thriving corals

  • Dissolves rapidly with minimal residue - always add salt gradually to water NOT water to salt

  • Starts with high quality raw material to reduce contaminants and metals

  • No caking agent used that could add unnecessary chemicals to your aquarium - shake box before use

  • 20 Kg Box makes 130 gallons of saltwater at 35ppt


Full Details

KZ Reefer's Best Premium Coral Reef Salt - Element Concentration Values**:

Magnesium (Mg): 1.268 mg / l (1236-1300 mg / l)
Calcium (Ca): 408 mg / L (398-420 mg / l)
Potassium (K): 395 mg / L (375-414 mg / l)
Sodium (Na): 10,648 mg / l (10382-10914 mg / l)
Chloride (Cl): 19,280 mg / l (18800-19761 mg / l)
Sulphate (SO4): 2.701 mg / l (2633-2768 mg / l)
Alkalinity (KH) 8.0 - 9.2 dKH


All other relevant trace elements are in the range of natural seawater. The values are based on 35 ppt solution of Saltwater. Salt mixed with deionized water at a ratio of approx. 39kg of salt for 1000L of water used.


For best results mix entire bag of Reefer's Best salt into water. However, this is not necessary if dry salt is mixed well before adding it to your water.


**Indicated values are the expected range, however, dependent on temperature and other factors.


9 Items

  • great salt By Ryan on 9/22/2016

    I used Red sea blue bucket like many others but I got a bad batch last time so I thought let me try the Zeo salt as i run a zeo system so I figured why not. It mixes really fast and the alk, although a little higher than the blue bucket it is within acceptable range. I get about 8.5 to 9DKH alk so I just turn off my alk doser for a day and all is well to keep my tank at 7.5dkh. It is pretty expensive but ive gone from weekly changes to bi weekly changes with no issues so technically its a little cheaper than the blue bucket (or at least I convinced myself it is).
  • Reefers Best? Nope, not even close By Paul on 7/30/2016

    I run a zeovit tank, and have been struggling to find a salt that is lower in alkalinity at 35ppt. I got this on sale hoping, that it's made by the makers of Zeovit, that maybe this is what I'm looking for.

    I finally got around to making a batch of water today using this salt, and before I added to the tank, I wanted to test it. I'm so glad I did.

    at 35 ppt, the alkalinity was 10, calcium 450 and magnesium 1400
    at 34 ppt, the alkalinity was 9.7
    at 33 ppt, the alkalinity was 9.5 (SG of 1.024-1.025)

    So I continue to look for a salt that I can use with zeovit where I don't have to lower the salinity to get the numbers I need to run at.

    KZ advertises that this as close to NSW as you can get, which is a huge huge misadvertisement. If anything it's false advertising.
  • Perfect Salt despite the price By Heliux on 2/26/2016

    Best salt I have ever used, and mixes the crystal clear. The price tag is definitely a heavy one, but If you have smaller tank or run a Zeovit system, this is perfect because of the smaller water changes.

    For those of you who do not know how to mix this stuff - because it doesn't come with typical instructions like other brands of salt - Here is how I do it with complete success.

    1. Get a bucket WITH STURDY SECURE LID from your local hardware store, or grab a clean spare bucket you have from other salt mixes. This is because this salt comes in a box and a bag.

    2. Pour entire bag into this bucket carefully, and then close the lid tight. A tight fitted lid that is either clamped on or screws on is important because of step 3.

    3. Once all the salt is in the bucket and you have the lid on tight, roll the bucket on its side for a couple of minutes and flip the bucket upside down a couple times (carefully) to make sure the salt is completely mixed. This brand of salt separates out quicker than others, but this is the easy remedy for that. I also make sure to roll it for a minute before I take scoops out for every water change just to make sure it has a consistent mix. PLEASE DON'T NEGLECT THIS STEP!

    4. Once you have done step three for a couple minutes, you can scoop out the salt and add it to your water! Best suggestion is to get your salt to tank temperature and then mix it; also, this salt mixes quickly, so you can mix and add within the same hour. I have the best results when I get my water to 80F, then pour about (0.5 dry cups) of salt per gallon.

    5. Then I mix it rigorously in the bucket for about 1 minute, then let it sit for 1 hour before I pour it in! I'm not joking.

    I love this salt!

  • Pricey but QUALITY! By Fred on 12/18/2015

    As a full ZEO user, it was only a matter of time until I adopted this salt mix also. When it wasn't available, I was using RedSea Salt (Blue Bucket), but once in stock, this was just as good for a mix for tanks that run as close to NSW as possible. I found this to mix at slightly higher Alk levels than than the RedSea and the original KZ RBS, but not that much higher that it would spike my levels during WCs, especially as ZEOvit users are recommended to do just 5-10%, (bi)weekly. Alk mixes around 8-9 dKH in my tests and according to KZ, as they answered my emails I sent regarding this question, directly from Thomas Pohl, himself. My corals look happy and water mixes fast and clear. All other levels are on point.
  • Great when it's on sale By Bradley on 9/11/2014

    Got this salt while it was nearly 50% off just to try it out. My tank is doing amazingly thus far and I am really loving how clean the salt is. But I would definitely only stock up on it at a discounted price. $100 is just too expensive though.
  • Best salt ever!! By Sealife909 on 8/21/2014

    My fish and corals seem happier, Dissolves quickly, Great Salt!!!!!
  • too expensive By mike on 2/9/2014

    This does mix up nice and clean. Levels looked good except mag was a little low - 1180. I have been using for two months and everything looks fine, I just feel it is overpriced. The other problem is now that I need more salt I couldn't buy it if I wanted to.
  • Great Salt - very consistent By mhucasey on 12/15/2013

    I just switched over to this salt and So far, the corals seem to be responding very well. The salt mixes up very consistently and clears quickly. Tests on the Alkalinity and potassium levels match the Manufacturers claims. I definitely recommend it Expensive but worth it.
  • Forget everything else. By Subodh on 11/28/2013

    I've been a die hard fan of Red Sea Coral Pro all this while. But I took the jump and realized I must keep an open mind. Somethings can get better than the best :) 'nuf said.My SPS is the proof.


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Product Questions

Looks like a great product... For those of us that live in one of the few countries that doesn't use the metric system (and are too lazy to do some math calculations), how many U.S. gallons of high-quality saltwater does this 20 kg box make? Thanks.
Question by: Lazy math guy that lives in non-metric country on Oct 31, 2013 3:46:00 AM
Hey there,
39kg comes out to about 86lbs and 1000l is about 265g. The container itself is actually 20kg though so it comes out to around a box making 135g or so at 1.026sg/35ppt.
Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Oct 31, 2013 3:46:00 AM
I keep my ALK around 9DKH and my temp at 79-80, salinity at 1.026. Do you know if I am mixing this and using a heater and matching salinity in the mixing bucket if the DKH of this product when mixed would be around 9? Thanks.
Question by: Jeremy on Jan 8, 2017 5:51:00 PM
Great question! This salt, when mixed to proper salinity, should be anywhere between 8.0 - 9.2 dKH. There is a variance from the manufacturer so you may see variations between those listed numbers. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Jan 11, 2017 4:20:00 PM
With Zeovit being a low nutrient system what are the Alk & Calcium levels of this salt? Hopefully lower, being that this method works best when the Alk stays @ or around 7.
Question by: Todd on Aug 3, 2014 4:20:00 PM
Hi Todd,
The KZ salt is intended to mimic natural seawater levels. Their target parameters are:
Magnesium (Mg): 1.268 mg / l (1236-1300 mg / l)
Calcium (Ca): 408 mg / L (398-420 mg / l)
Potassium (K): 395 mg / L (375-414 mg / l)
Sodium (Na): 10,648 mg / l (10382-10914 mg / l)
Chloride (Cl): 19,280 mg / l (18800-19761 mg / l)
Sulphate (SO4): 2.701 mg / l (2633-2768 mg / l)
GCH: 8.2 ° (8.17 ° - 8.40 °)
pH: 8.15 (8.02 to 8.27)

Answer by: Bulk Reef Supply on Aug 3, 2014 4:20:00 PM