MD-55RLT - 1104 GPH - Iwaki Japanese

Iwaki MD-55RLT
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  • Iwaki MD-55RLT
  • Iwaki MD-55RLT
  • Iwaki MD-55RLT

MD-55RLT - 1104 GPH - Iwaki Japanese

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

Anytime we need an external pump the Iwaki Japanese motors are our first choice.  There are cheaper options that work just fine, however when it comes to noise the Iwaki Japanese external pumps are class leaders and for any area where noise a concern and space is limited. The Japanese Iwaki pump is the way to go.

  • Japanese Motor

  • Max Flow: 1104 GPH

  • Max Head: 26.9 Ft

  • 1” Inlet(MPT)/ 1” Outlet(MPT)

  • Max Amps: 1.6

  • Motor Output: 1/8 HP

Note: The Iwaki MD pumps' power cords do not come with the plug pre-spliced.


Full Details

External pump from Iwaki , the world leader in small magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology. Japanese-made motor is designed especially for aquatic applications. Super quiet and energy efficient with less parts.

High quality external pump with years of research and development behind its design. Iwaki pumps offer high pressure rates in a durable, compact pump. Easily tailor pump applications because of the numerous motor/pump configurations. MD stands for Mag-Drive.

MD Series – Japanese Motor

  • Japanese motor is made from cast aluminum with a cast end bell
  • Japanese model uses a custom pump design specifically for aquatic applications
  • Japanese pumps run cooler to the touch and slightly quieter, due to the thicker material

Quick Compare - Iwaki MD Pumps (Japanese Motors)


Power Usage

Maximum Flow

Maximum Head


Iwaki MD-20RT


492 GPH

14.1 ft

Hose 5/8” NPT ¾”

Iwaki MD-20RXT


822 GPH

8.2 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-30RT


600 GPH

17.7 ft

Hose ¾” NPT ¾”

Iwaki MD-30RXT


1140 GPH

13.5 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-40RT


822 GPH

21.3 ft

Hose ¾” NPT ¾”

Iwaki MD-40RXT


1344 GPH

15.4 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-55RLT


1104 GPH

26.9 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-70RLT


1536 GPH

31.8 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-100RLT


2136 GPH

39.0 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”


4 Items

  • Beast By Batfish Aquatics on 7/14/2016

    We use this pump to power a marine fish system, with 15 tanks. Its a beast, and even with the amount of head pressure we're putting on it, this pump pushes water through all the valves, constantly, and has some left over for a sand filter at the end. Its had saltwater spilt on it... more than once ... and it keeps going. One of my guys lost the intake screen on it, and the pump pulled in a sizeable piece of rock. It chewed it up and spit it out -- sadly it didn't all fit through our outlet valves, but that wasn't the pumps fault! Been running for 3 years now non stop.
  • Solid Value By MdG on 10/15/2014

    I've had this pump for about 2 years now, I'm now looking to get another just as a backup, the second will serve as my water change and general circulation pump while the existing main pump hums(should say whispers) along nicely. I like the idea of having a backup for the eventuality and with a two year gap, I have lots of opportunity to fix or repair one while the other takes charge. I don't like to throw good money after bad and this is the exact opposite, this pump is link a tank, it just keeps going and that's why I'm back for a second.

    Very happy with the durability, noise level and performance. My main tank is on the fist floor and sump/pump is about 20ft away in the basement, pay attention to head pressure. BRS review two years ago was no lie. So they get the business as it's well deserved.
  • Strong pump, great lift. By Jeff on 5/22/2013

    I keep my sump in the basement and have a 12 foot rise for the return. This pump had no problem from the start.
  • work horse By phk on 12/6/2012

    I have had two of these pumps they keep on running no leaks over five years . They have a hum after a few years but dont think they will ever stop running


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Product Questions

Setting up a 250 gallon tank with two power heads in the tank. Will this be a big enough pump for this tank?
Question by: Doug on Nov 21, 2016 12:18:00 PM
Great question! After factoring for head height and 8-10X turnover rate, this pump will not be enough for that tank. I would recommend a pump that is more in the 2500-4000 GPH range. :-)
Answer by: Randy (Admin) on Nov 21, 2016 1:06:00 PM