MD-100RLT - 2136 GPH - Iwaki Japanese

Iwaki MD-100RLT
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  • Iwaki MD-100RLT
  • Iwaki MD-100RLT
  • Iwaki MD-100RLT

MD-100RLT - 2136 GPH - Iwaki Japanese

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Quick Overview

Why does BRS recommend this?

Anytime we need an external pump the Iwaki Japanese motors are our first choice.  There are cheaper options that work just fine, however when it comes to noise the Iwaki Japanese external pumps are class leaders and for any area where noise a concern and space is limited. The Japanese Iwaki pump is the way to go.

  • Japanese Motor

  • Max Flow: 2136 GPH

  • Max Head: 39.0 Ft

  • 1” Inlet(MPT)/ 1” Outlet(MPT)

  • Max Amps: 3.4

  • Motor Output: 1/3 HP

Note: The Iwaki MD pumps' power cords do not come with the plug pre-spliced.


Full Details

External pump from Iwaki, the world leader in small magnetically coupled centrifugal pump technology. Japanese-made motor is designed especially for aquatic applications. Super quiet and energy efficient with less parts.

High quality external pump with years of research and development behind its design. Iwaki pumps offer high pressure rates in a durable, compact pump. Easily tailor pump applications because of the numerous motor/pump configurations. MD stands for Mag-Drive.

MD Series – Japanese Motor

  • Japanese motor is made from cast aluminum with a cast end bell
  • Japanese model uses a custom pump design specifically for aquatic applications
  • Japanese pumps run cooler to the touch and slightly quieter, due to the thicker material

Quick Compare - Iwaki MD Pumps (Japanese Motors)


Power Usage

Maximum Flow

Maximum Head


Iwaki MD-20RT


492 GPH

14.1 ft

Hose 5/8” NPT ¾”

Iwaki MD-20RXT


822 GPH

8.2 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-30RT


600 GPH

17.7 ft

Hose ¾” NPT ¾”

Iwaki MD-30RXT


1140 GPH

13.5 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-40RT


822 GPH

21.3 ft

Hose ¾” NPT ¾”

Iwaki MD-40RXT


1344 GPH

15.4 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-55RLT


1104 GPH

26.9 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-70RLT


1536 GPH

31.8 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”

Iwaki MD-100RLT


2136 GPH

39.0 ft

Hose 1” NPT 1”


5 Items

  • Great pump very noisy By Dadelivin on 12/9/2015

    I recently bought this pump for a 225g mixed reef and the pump is a work horse I have 1" returns reduced to 1/2" and the valve wide open, and it moves water. The only complaint I have is that it is noisy as all hell. It sounds like you are on a runway with airplanes flying over. Not vibration noise but wind noise coming from the cooling fan.
  • Flawless By Turf on 4/9/2015

    I've been running this pump for a year and a half on my 210gal with two 1" returns to the sump, both of which are restricted down a fair bit (50% on one and 25% on the other) so it could have handled a much larger pump for the 5.5-6' of pumping height. This higher flow has allowed me to avoid any powerheads in the tank (money in the bank). A pump level higher would likely have been a good fit if I was running a hard coral only tank and needed very high flow.

    The only problems I've had are of my own doing. On the intake line you NEED a PVC or the heavy duty white flex piping as the braided vinyl will collapse under the force. Also, I had to take the impeller off to clean it out and found the construction to be much better and simplified over many other pumps I've had in the last 15yrs. An example would be that there is no shaft the magnet spins around so fewer parts to wear out.
  • Great pump but very hot By Kirk K. on 11/10/2014

    So I really like iwaki as a brand but in regards to this pump I feel like it simply gets too hot and has a bit of a noise. But overall the pump is very well built and looks dependable.
  • needed a pump By Bassin Mike on 6/5/2013

    was shopping around for a new pump for my 300 gallon aquarium and came accross this..this pump is the best i have ever used no problems/dissapointments..
  • Replaced Reeflo HHG with this. By David on 1/12/2013

    I replaced a Reeflo HHG that would never stop leaking at its shaft seal with this pump. It is about 7db louder (87db) than the HHG but that is a small price to pay for a water tight system. It has exactly the right amount of flow for my system, I had the HHG valved back. I am very impressed with this Iwaki, it is my first one and will not be my last.


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