H1200 Tuna Flora Refugium Light

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Easy to control and powerful refugium lighting!

  • Four Different Grow Modes
  • Full Spectrum Plus UV and IR
  • Dense Matrix LEDs
  • Easy To Hang
  • Manual Adjustment Dials
  • Compatible with H-series Spectral Controller
  • Daisy Chain With Multiple Units


Refugiums Work

Most people will look at this light and think that it is completely overkill, but if you are serious about your aquarium, reef tank refugiums are by far one of the best nutrient export methods available, and having the proper light is essential to healthy and fast growing algae. In most cases a properly sizes refugium will absorb nitrates and phosphates as quickly as your aquarium can produce them. Once your algae is growing all you need to do is harvest it which only takes a few seconds and doesn't smell nearly as bad as cleaning a protein skimmer's collection cup. 


Four Perfectly Blended Spectrums

With individual spectrums dedicated to particular phases of growth, the H1200 boasts 4 different efficient spectrums that include UV and Infrared enhancing algae growth and vitality.  


Dense Matrix LED

The Dense Matrix LED Technology from Kessil helps blend the light into a single shade, minimizing the disco ball effect that is all too often found with LEDs. Each LED cluster is placed in a high-quality optic, enhancing the power and penetration capabilities of the H1200.


Simple Control

The H1200 can be controlled manually by the onboard dials letting you fine tune the spectrum and intensity, but they also work great with the H-Series Spectral Controller and most 0-10V controllers. If you have just a single H1200 or you want to link up multiples, they can all be daisy-chained together with Kessil Link Cables. Using a controller allows you to set different day-night schedules with custom intensity and spectrum ramping. 



Dimensions - 8.59" L x 9.22" W x 4.71" H

Max Coverage - 5' x 5' @ 4' above surface

LED Spectral Range - 360 - 780 nm

Input Voltage - 90-277V AC

Power Usage - 380W


What's Included?

1x H1200 Tuna Flora

1x 20' Power Cord

More Information
UPC 092145340844
Manuals H1200 Owners Manual
Lighting Type LED
Max. Light Coverage (Length) 60 in.
Max. Light Coverage (Width) 60 in.
Power Consumption 380W
Control Type Digital DC Control (with optional controller), 0 - 10V, Onboard Controls
Compatible with Controllers 0-10V
Optional Mounts Screw Hook & Ring Mount
Color Black
Power Cord Length 20 Feet
Warranty 12 months
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Product Questions

Why is this so expensive, is this for like 120g refugiums or something?
Question by: Jon on May 30, 2017, 9:50 AM
This is the largest and most powerful Kessil grow light we have been able to offer to date, with 4 high-output LED arrays in one fixture. This would be designed for specialized growing applications such as a large system refugium, or certain planted saltwater tank applications. For more smaller systems the H380 or H80 will provide excellent results.
Happy reefing!
Answer by: Zack on Jun 7, 2017, 2:54 PM