The XP Aqua Ultimate ATO is designed for those looking for the ultimate protection, the ultimate precision, the ultimate versatility, the ultimate convenience and the ultimate value.

Being the world’s first and only 4-sensor ATO, the Ultimate ATO offers you the ultimate protection by giving you real-time under-fill protection as well as two dedicated sensors for overfill protection.

Each optical sensor provides precise water detection and keeps your salinity rock steady.

Versatility of Ultimate ATO is impressive. Out of the box, installation of the Ultimate ATO is super easy and convenient. All parts are plug-and-play and no programming is required. Those with very large systems or have highly-fluctuating sump water levels have the versatility of taking the two dual-sensors out of the holder and placing them anywhere you want them to go.

Getting you the most for your money, the XP Aqua Ultimate ATO comes with an efficient and safe 12V DC pump that pumps up to 8’. It also comes with an AC Switch for those wanting to use a larger ATO pump and an RO Solenoid for those topping off directly from an RO/DI filter. You don’t have to worry about compatibility and there is nothing extra to buy.

If you are looking for a feature-packed ATO system, the XP Aqua Ultimate ATO is definitely worth a second, or fourth look!