One of the challenges we face as reef aquarium hobbyists is that our clean-up critters are constantly knocking over our coral frags. One of the ways to solve this dilemma is to use Two Little Fishies AquaStik Red Coralline Underwater Epoxy Putty.

AquaStik Red Coralline Underwater Epoxy Putty is designed for use in marine and reef aquarium systems. The color matches coralline algae and live rock. It is excellent for securing rock, stony corals, gorgonians and aquatic plants. It is non-toxic to fish, plants and small animals. AquaStik cures dry, damp and even underwater.

When using AquaStik, cut off a small amount and constantly knead the epoxy until it's a single color. Next, pick up the fallen coral and press the AquaStik epoxy against the coral or frag base. Once it is bonded to the coral, push the coral with the epoxy into the live rock crevice. Make sure it is stable and secure and add additional epoxy or add Two Little Fishies CorAffix Gel, if necessary.

Once you've set the coral successfully in your live rock, all that's left to do is to enjoy your aquarium!

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